12 Years of Random RV Road Trip Photos

We’ve been hunkered down workin’ hard ever since we arrived at FOY Spa for the winter. Rene has been hammering away on custom jewelry and tags for the busy holiday season. And I have been buried in website maintenance and year-end fundraising for the Tripawds Foundation. To get to the point, we haven’t been taking many pictures lately. At least not any very exciting photos…

So, for this Friday Fun Day post,  I took a quick trip down memory lane by browsing random photos in our galleries. For your enjoyment, I present this sequential selection of memories from our full-time travels over the years.

Lake Francis Boondocking
Lake Francis Boondocking

One of our very first boondocking spots in the summer of 2007 was a rather tight back-in at Lake Francis in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. I doubt we’ll be heading back there again any time soon.

Earthship Institute
Taos New Mexico Earthship World Headquarters

Our visit and video tour of the Earthship Institute was a highlight of our trip to to  Taos, New Mexico back in May of 2008.

Colorado Drunkard
Greeley Missile Silo Campground

Highlights from our 2009 stay in Weld County, Colorado were our video tour of the missile silo where we waited out the tornado warning, and watching drunkards avoid arrest.

Alamo Tourists
Wyatt Visits the Alamo

In April of 2010, Wyatt was well behaved enough that we sneaked him into the Alamo! Not so sure we’ll try that again these days.

Holy Trinity Monastery
Holy Trinity Monastery

February of 2011 found us at the Holy Trinity Monastery in St. David, Arizona. I only recall the monks ran a really good bakery.

East Jesus Art
East Jesus Art Enclave

A few weeks that winter of 2012 was on of our more memorable stays at Slab City.

Luckenbach, Texas
Boondocking at Luckenbach, Texas

In January, 2013 we returned to Luckenbach, Texas after and discovered is snows in the Hill Country.

Nü Years Show
Nü Years Show

Nü Years Eve in Anza Borrego was an early highlight of 2014.

RV Solar Power
RV Solar Installation

2015 was a year of upgrades with a bigger rig, better RV solar power, and our new RV Lock Keyless Entry, among other things.

Titan Trailer Brakes
Titan Hydraulic Disc Trailer Brakes Installation

Trailer upgrades continued in 2016 with our Titan disc brakes installation.

Solar Eclipse Totality

The total solar eclipse of 2017 was totally awesome in its totality.

Coachella Canal, Niland CA
Coachella Canal, Niland CA

As winter winds up during these last days of 2018 you’ll find us running along the canal in the early mornings near the Fountain of Youth. Like I said, not that exciting.

Bear Glacier
Bear Glacier, Stewart Cassiar Highway, BC

That is, not nearly as exciting as this summer we spent RVing to Alaska!

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