Full-time RVing Resources for Digital Nomad

These full-time RVing resources and planning documents will help you in your journey to fulfill your own nomadic lifestyle dreams.

Great Savings and Services

Visit these web sites for great deals and services for the part-time, full-time or RV dreamer.

How to Start (And Keep) Full-time RVing

These resources are inspirational and helpful in planning and maintaining our road trip lifestyle.

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Camping & RVing Resources

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Make Money on the Road

Income Anywhere! Proven Methods For Earning An Income On The Road

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  • Workamper.com – Find campground, resort and caretaker job opportunities.
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  • Workampers Facebook Group – Connect with other workampers and find many workamping resources.
  • Workers on Wheels – Free income generating strategies for the nomadic adventure traveler or home-based business owner.
  • Caretaker Gazette – Trade work for free worldwide lodging with sort and long-term care taker and house sitting jobs.
  • RV Job Line USA – Active listings of RV jobs around the USA and Canada.
  • WOOF – Find world wide opportunities working on organic farms.
  • Oil Field Gate Guard Jobs – MyOldRV blog and forums: Oilfield Gate Guard Hiring and Contact Information
  • RoadTechs – The ultimate resource for nomadic nuclear, technical, professional and power industry jobs.
  • Smart Passive Income – Top resource for niche blogging, affiliate marketing, e-publishing and more online business tips.
  • Problogger – Discover how to monetize your blog.

Simple Living

Relocation Research

Recommended Reading for Full-time RVers and Nomads To Be

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Free Location Independent Lifestyle Planning Documents

Dream of hitting the road but aren’t sure where to begin? We didn’t either. So we created these spreadsheets, documents and templates to help plan and budget for road tripping lifestyle. Feel free to use or modify them and let us know if you find them helpful. If you publish them, we would appreciate a link back to our site. Thanks.

LiveWorkDream planning documents are provided as is and without warranty. Agreda Communications claims no responsibility nor liability for the outcome of their use. By downloading them you agree to use at your own risk.

Budget Template & Expense Tracking: Thanks to Carol White, who published one of the first Road Trip budget templates we discovered in her book, “Live Your Road Trip Dream.” With her book’s help, we developed our custom budget planning worksheets to predict and track our expenses.Because we track our finances with Quickbooks Pro software, forecasting and budgeting is a breeze, since we already know what our spending habits are. We take the numbers in Quickbooks and pop them into this spreadsheet for an at-a-glance look.Our biggest piece of advice: if you want to take time off, then first get your finances in order long beforehand, so you can fully understand whether or not you can afford to do so. Being well-organized and disciplined is key to staying financially solvent whether you spend a year on the road or a go on a permanent adventure travel lifestyle.

Location Criteria Worksheet: Before we hit the road, we knew we wanted to live somewhere else, and do something different. This chart is from a brainstorming weekend we did to help us get clear on our mutual likes and dislikes, as well as our differences in what we are seeking. We suggest writing this out on a huge chart and hanging it where you can see it all the time.

RV Ratings Worksheet (PDF). If you’re going to travel by RV, look at these factors before making your investment. These are some things we thought about before buying our rig.

RV Camping Checklists.

  • RV Camp Checklists, with Hookups and Dry Camping (“Boondocking”). Microsoft Excel document.