Have you ever considered taking a long sabbatical to really explore what you want to be when you grow up?

In May of 2007, we did just that.

After escaping the San Francisco rat race in 1998, we grew a small, prosperous web-based graphic design and marketing business from our home in rural Humboldt County, CA. But as time went on, we began to yearn for a change in scenery and career.

Although we planned and budgeted to take some time off, see the country and figure out what’s next, time got the best of us and before we knew it, almost a decade had gone by!

Our live/work home in Eureka, CA

Then, in November 2006, our beloved dog Jerry was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. It was just what we needed to stop talking and take action.

After outlining the critical steps necessary to successfully sell our business, we marketed and sold our little enterprise in just six months! And we didn’t just sell our business – we sold everything else too; our home and most of our possessions. Then, after more research, we purchased a new 2007 four-season 24′ Arctic Fox fifth wheel trailer and 2006 Dodge Ram 2500.

Our ticket to freedom.

In June, 2007, we packed up and began traveling around North America as location independent entrepreneurs, with our three-legged dog Jerry. We were in search of the next big thing in our new mobile headquarters for Agreda Communications.

With Jerry, our inspawration for hitting the road

Although we had planned to settle down at our Jerry’s Acres dream property that we purchased in 2009, the road tripping lifestyle was in our blood. Today we’re still criss-crossing the country with current Tripawds spokesdog Wyatt Ray. We are debt-free for life, earning money with multiple revenue streams, including workamping, writing, niche blogging, and other creative endeavors—sharing our road trip experiences with others who dream of embarking upon a similar adventure.

With Wyatt, Jerry’s Successor

What is the meaning of LiveWorkDream?

Our company, Agreda Communications initially developed the LiveWorkDream.com website to market our home-based graphic production business. Early posts in this blog relate to the sale of the business and transitioning operations to the new owner. Once the deal was done, we changed the focus of this site to discussion of our new full-time RVing lifestyle how we make money from the road.

If you want to learn about all facets of the location independent, full-time RV live/work lifestyle we now enjoy, subscribe to our blog and keep reading!

Why go full-time before retirement?
Some people mistakenly call this a vacation. For us, it’s anything but. We work hard but we also take time for fun around the U.S. with other NuRVers like us!

Good times, great people on the road

We hope you find the information in our full-time RVing sabbatical blog helpful in discovering your own dream live/work situation. And we also hope you enjoy our offbeat photos and videos. So stick around – the ride is always an exciting one and the road goes on forever.

Please share your thoughts in the blog, all comments are welcome. Or, contact us directly using the form below. Happy Trails!

Ranch workamping beats the office grind any day!

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