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The Wrench in Our Alaska Winter Plans

Did you notice Mercury was retrograde in late April and early May? We sure noticed! Everything went to hell in a handbasket and now we are feeling the effects of the aftermath. I’m trying to process what happened, because now it’s affecting our Alaska winter plans (and not in a good way). Rolling with the Full-time RVing Punches (Again) Our full-timing Nomadiversary is next week, …

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Winter in Alaska. Because Comfort is Overrated.

The 2020 pandemic and last year’s fuel cost explosion should have taught me not to make travel plans too far in advance. But if we want to spend winter in Alaska next season, planning needs to start now. And so it is. In August we are leaving for the North Country. But it’s not going to be anything like our summer 2018 RV journey to …

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