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  1. Sean, I don’t think they are necessarily that expensive to build depending on your ability to scrounge. I think that they are being sold to the highest bidder in the market and thats the price you see as high? The ‘small efficient house’ you mentioned, would be off the grid non-polluting..and in the long run, more economical for you ?.. These homes cost more up front, but may have a significant payback in their lifetime as compared to modern construction techniques and materials.. Do the best you can in your everyday life to make less of an impact on the resource. Simple choices we all make, make the difference..

    A book I like:Living Homes: Integrated Design & Construction


  2. Thanks for the virtual tour. I probably will try to get by there and stay for a night next time I make it to Taos.

    I’ve had these in the back of my mind for a long time, but the one thing I can’t get past is how *expensive* they seem to be, considering they’re built mostly of old tires and dirt. I realize there’s the fancy solar system, and water recycling system, but as much as I’d like to build one, it just seems more sensible to build a small, efficient house for half the cost of an earthship and pocket the savings.

  3. Nice Vid and well put together.. They have several books out (a series of 4 last time I checked- Search term @ Amazon: “earthship ” ( the first 4 that come up) Cindi and I have planning on it for quite a while.

    Another ‘alternative’ and interesting place to visit and stay is Arcosanti. Pick up a cast bell while your there..We stayed in the ‘Sky Suite’..


    Take care,

    Cindi and Mike

    Diesel in Eureka is $5.25
    reg around $4.40


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