How the WOLFBOX MegaVolt24 Jump Starter Made Everything Go As Planned

Up here in Alaska, there’s a 50/50 chance that the plans you make will go sideways. And a couple of weeks ago, ours did. But the WOLFBOX MegaVolt24 Jump Starter made sure that our plans got back on track in just a few minutes. This is the kind of road gear that everyone with a vehicle needs. But especially nomads who go off-the-beaten path. Here’s why.

Our Real World Testing of the WOLFBOX MegaVolt24 Did Not Dissapoint

It was pouring rain when we went to pick up our crazy musher friend’s Toyota FJ. They kindly loaned it to us so we could have another vehicle while our Dodge was getting serviced 30 miles south in Wasilla. The only problem? When we got to their property to retrieve the FJ, the battery was dead.

Ironically, the team at WOLFBOX had recently asked us to do a product review of their 4000A MegaVolt24 Jump Starter. A few days before the dead battery episode, that package showed up. It was a real-world review opportunity to test this gear under very trying circumstances. Here’s what happened:

The Wolfbox turned a crappy rainy day into an easy day.

The WOLFBOX Jump Starter Would Have Come in Handy When Our Batteries Froze in December

Alaska winters are hard on vehicles, especially the batteries. We came up here with two year old batteries in our Dodge RAM 2500, and they were no match for the first sub-zero temperatures of winter. Our crazy musher friends bailed us out and jump started us in December, after which we replaced the batteries. They had to jump us again in March, after I left the door open overnight. Duh.

Ever since those dead battery episodes, I had been looking for a backup method to start our Dodge. I was thrilled for a chance to experience the WOLFBOX. I’m happy to report that for once, a company has a product that works exactly as it should.


Powerful 24000mAh/88.8Wh battery; perfect for 12V cars, trucks, boats, and larger vehicles.

10 essential safety protections, like spark-proof, low and high-temperature protection

Includes 1 65W Type-C in/out charge port, and 1 * QC3.0 USB-A port

Also comes with a PD65W fast charger that fully charges the unit in just 1.3 hours

24-month warranty, software upgrades, and 24/7 customer service.

Get to know The WOLFBOX 4000A Jump Starter

After we jumped the FJ, it still had plenty of power.

Diving into Details: the WOLFBOX 4000A MegaVolt24 Jump Starter

After the rainy episode, I interviewed Jim about the WOLFBOX, and here’s how it went down.

What was your first impression of the WOLFBOX Jump Starter?

It was very simple to use and straightforward. It started a, Toyota FJ with a dead battery immediately.

We used the Wolf Box Megavolt 24 4000-amp jump starter fresh out of the package. It arrived with a 72% charge. I glanced at the documentation because it was raining at the time, and they say they don’t use it if it’s under 50%. So I hooked it up and it worked.

Once I connected it I turned it on and it said “Start,” meaning start your vehicle. Well, the car started right up. So yes, the Wolfbox jump starter will start your vehicle! We know that because we tried it.

What are come of the cool features of the WOLFBOX MegaVolt24?

What I like is that there are indicators that show if you have reverse polarity. So it’s protected if you connect the cables incorrectly.

It also has USB-C and USB outputs for charging devices. Plus, it also has a very bright flashlight that has different modes. It actually is programmed to flash SOS if you’re in trouble. And it also has a strobe and two levels of brightness, or at least a flashlight that will last forever.

You charge it by plugging the charger they give into a wall outlet. Keep it charged and it’ll start your vehicle when you need it.

There is also a Boost button that apparently provides even more amperage to boost your vehicle’s dead battery. I thought I’d give it a shot without that boost.

Wolfbox also says don’t use it if your batteries are under 9%. Why, I don’t know, but the battery indicator on the FJ on the vehicle looked as though the batteries were at fifty percent. I don’t know the exact voltage they had in them, but they clearly didn’t have enough to start the car. They were down around probably ten or 11-volts or so.

Do you think the average person who is not mechanical or technologically savvy can use it?

I do believe that anyone could use the Wolf box to start their vehicle. It has two buttons. There’s a power button and you connect the red and black jumper cables to your car battery. If you connect it wrong, it will apparently throw an error and not damage anything. So you’re not going to short circuit the device, or your car, by connecting it wrong.

Once the Wolfbox is connected, a green light comes on saying “Start,” and you just start your vehicle. It’s easy. I’m confident that I could use this device without worrying about harming my electrical system.

Can a diesel owner like us could start their truck, considering that we have two batteries?

That would depend on how dead the battery is. But I would give this a try if our battery was low. We do have two large, 12-volt batteries in our Dodge. There have been times when we attempted to start our truck when it was completely dead, by jumping off of a small Toyota passenger car, and that didn’t do the trick. The second time we jumped it off our friend’s truck by connecting two sets of jumper cables, one to each battery. That worked.

Considering this thing boosts at 4000-amps, it’s like an old school auto shop charger. You know, the kind that’s so big and powerful you move around on a wheelie. How funny that this thing could literally fit in our glove box.
How would you use that if you have two batteries?

Well, I would put it on the master battery. The two battery system in a big truck like ours has a master and a slave battery. One is the primary battery, the second one is auxiliary. You would hook it up to the master battery, which is well indicated by the number of cables connected to the battery posts.

Does this replace old school jumper cables?

I believe there will always be a need to have jumper cables to start vehicles. This Wolfbox is so compact, the jumper cable leads are literally about eight inches long. When you jump a car, you have to place or hold hold it right near the battery. That’s a benefit if you can’t reach a car with jumper cables because of its location.

But there may always be a need to have jumper cables to jump something else. For instance, if someone else had a tractor or another large vehicle and you needed to jump start a truck. I hope we never have to find out if we actually need a battery connected to cables, and a jumper device. But with another large diesel truck, I can hook up my jumper cables to one battery and this device to the other battery, which should give enough charge to start another large vehicle.

Is this something everyone needs?

Yes! Especially if you have limited space and can’t carry a larger charger. This gives me with peace of mind that I would have something to at least attempt to start a vehicle with a dead battery. I’m fairly confident it would, considering how quickly that FJ started.

I also like it having it as something I can use to jump someone else. So, if I came across someone with a dead battery, I would definitely use this instead of pulling out my jumper cables and giving them a jump start. It’s risky if someone else takes over and they don’t know what they’re doing. They could hook up the batteries the wrong way. With the Wolfbox I have peace of mind knowing that it’s so simple anyone can jump start a car without jumper cables or risking damage to either vehicle.

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