Nü Magic, Boondocking Thrills Along the Snowbird Route

This is the winter of Nü. The core group of NüRVers have stuck to the western snowbird routes this season which makes me (and my belly) very happy. From carnivores to vegans to gluten-free fans, we’ve all eaten so well!

The magic everyone’s been creating is a one-in-a-lifetime thing and the personal facetime we’ve had with folks has been so much better than the virtual world. From Borrego Springs to the Slabs to Quartzsite and now Tucson, we’ve gotten to know more Nü people like Cheddar Yeti’s Dennis and Jeanette:

Alex the awesome Custom Pet Urn Artist and Michael (hey was that finger for me or him? Hmm).

And the one and only, Charon and Lexi (and some nut in a housecoat).

One of our highlights has been spending time with Charon and Lexi and watching them perform a segment of their life’s work:  entertaining audiences near and far with death-defying, sword swallowing, whip-cracking, fire-breathing, fantastically fearless feats:

Both as performers and people, Jim and I are in awe of these two. Their courage to live life on their terms and follow their hearts is something this world needs more of. I feel so fortunate to call them our Nü friends.

There’s more tales from the desert to come, as soon as there’s another break in all the fun we’ve been having.

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