What is Workamping?

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What are Workampers, and How Do You Find Workamping Jobs?

Ever wonder what workamping is all about? As Workamper Concierge members, we’d love to help you learn more about it.

Definition of WorkampingAsk ten Workampers to define workamping and you are likely to hear ten different definitions. Technically speaking, however, “workamping” is the contraction of “work” and “camping” to describe a working arrangement for RVers which usually involves a place to camp as compensation for services rendered. Many workamping jobs also pay a salary.

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What Do Workampers Do?

The most common forms of workamping include RV park services/maintenance and campground hosting. Contractual arrangements are usually made between employers and RVing couples who often split duties ranging from office management, reservations, cleaning and laundry to pool maintenance, mowing, construction and repairs.

workamping in resort office

Rene works the front desk at Riverbend Hot Springs.

Many private RV parks and resorts employ workampers to work in the office registering and checking guests in and out, or to work onsite providing groundskeeping, repair and maintenance services. Campground hosts are primarily employed by state, federal or small private campgrounds and duties may include but are not limited to reservations, site maintenance, restroom cleaning, firewood sales, or docent services.

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Cleaning the tubs at Riverbend Hot Springs

Jim cleans hot spring pools along the Rio Grande.

What Kind of Workamping Jobs Are There?

Many people believe if you work and you camp, you are a workamper. That would make us full-time workampers since we are always working from anywhere we park!

The truth is, there are many different kinds of workamping jobs other than the typical RV park worker or campground host. We discuss many of these opportunities in the Workamping chapter of our e-book, Income Anywhere! The following is just a small sampling of the many other available workamping jobs we have discovered.

Example Volunteer and Paid Workamping Jobs:

  • Animal Rescue Volunteer
  • Farm/Ranch Worker
  • Fish Hatchery Volunteer
  • Theme Park Worker
  • Oil Field Gate Guard
  • Sugar Beet Harvest Worker
  • Property Caretaker
  • Resort/Hospitality Seasonal help
  • Christmas Tree, Pumpkin or Fireworks Sales
baby lamb at organic farm workamping job

We encourage anyone interested in workamping to think outside the park! Watch this video we produced for a better idea of the unique opportunities that exist for workampers. Here we interview a number of employers hiring at a Workamper Expo we attended in Florida.

What Kind of Workamping Have We Done?

You can read all of our workamping blog posts for details about the various temporary and seasonal jobs we have enjoyed over the years. Our very first experience as workampers in 2007 was a brief animal rescue workamping job in South Carolina. Our duties ranged from construction and general maintenance to caring for the cats and dogs—feeding, and cleaning up after them

Next, we were organic farm workampers in Florida. In exchange for our free site our workamping farm duties included managing the farm stand, harvesting produce, working the local farmers market, and more. We also learned how to make biodiesel, and the hard truth about farming in America.

animal rescue workamping job
florida organic farm workamping

Workamper Rene tends to cows on organic farm in Florida.

Since then we have workamped at a hot springs resort in New Mexico, did some property caretaking in Arizona, and Rene even gave the Amazon Camperforce workamping job a try at the Fernely, Nevada warehouse.

Our favorite job, by far, has been the summers we have spent at Vickers Ranch, where we’ve done everything from working hay fields, managing the office, mending fences and cleaning cabins to laundry—lots of laundry!

About the only workamping jobs we have not tried, are your typical RV park or campground host gigs. We have also not done the Sugar Beet Harvest or any gate guarding, which we hear can be a lot of work but quite lucrative in a short time. Now that our own remote home based business endeavors keep us busy, we are a bit more selective of the workamping jobs we do.

doing laundry at ranch workamping job


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How Do You Find Workamping Jobs?

Visit our Facebook Workampers Group. We also list many ways to find workamping jobs in our e-book. The following are just a few of our favorite resources, some are free, others require a subscription.

building deck at ranch workamping job

Jim builds deck at Colorado ranch workamping job.

What Is The Best Workamping Resource?

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Workamping at Amazon

Large Marge is in ChargeThe Amazon Camperforce program hires temporary staff to help during peak seasons at their regional distribution warehouses throughout the country. Assignments usually begin in early Fall and last through December 23rd. Amazon has facilities located in Campbellsville, KY, Coffeyville, KS, Fernley, NV, or Murfreesboro, TN.

Compensation normally includes hourly pay, a paid completion bonus, referral bonuses, and paid campsites at a nearby RV park. The work environment is fast-paced, energetic, and demanding. It can be a quick way to make some decent money, but it may not be for everyone. Read all about Rene’s time workamping in Fernley, NV for more information about her experience working for Amazon.

Beyond Workamping

For more information about workamping and the various other ways we support our nomadic lifestyle, download our e-book, Income Anywhere!

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