Random Is As Random Does

With no suggestions for this week’s Fun Friday Fotos collection of random images from our RV lifestyle galleries, I present another totally random selection of pics we’ve snapped over the years.

fern growth

We begin with baby fern growth, from a trail run through the Willamette Forest during our stay in Westfir, Oregon.

marathon results

Followed by results from Rene’s Loneliest Marathon, which we did happen to start and finish in Westfir. Honestly, I really did pick all these photos at random, without giving them any thought.

no traffic

What is Really Random?

Interstate 5 was pretty empty when we bugged out and headed north to Westfir, while the COVID-19 pandemic first started spreading. Random is as random does sometimes.

arctic fox factory

Well, this is a bit more like it. A random shot from our Arctic Fox factory tour.

overland coffee

Like coffee? And overlanding? Check out my review of Overland Coffee, which we discovered at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Overland Rally.

cathedral of junk

This one goes way back, when friends joined us for a tour of the Cathedral of Junk – or Pile O’ Crap? – in Austin, Texas.


No, this is not a pile of crap. It’s the entrance to a crawfish tunnel in a field near Abbeville, Louisiana. Don’t miss our Crawfish farm video tour if you have any questions about how mudbugs are commercially raised.

florida farm

Followed closely by a Florida sunset over White Rabbit Acres from one of our first workamping jobs, on an organic farm during our first year on the road way back 2007.

st augustine chapel

Again, random is as random does…St. Augustine, Florida was on our way south to that gig. And that’s where we respectfully used no flash to snap this pic.

virginia rednecks

And we’ll just leave this right here. It’s when we first started to get a taste of the south.

basin and range

No, I couldn’t leave that taste in your mouth, or mine. So I include this not so randomly picked shot of one of my favorite – and most remote – spots, at Basin and Range National Monument. Got an idea for a slightly less random selection for next week’s Fun Fotos Friday?

2 thoughts on “Random Is As Random Does”

  1. Best food and brews? Theme hit me when I saw the pic from Abbeville,LA. The people and food there are amazing. Best crab cakes ever from Dupuey’s Seafood House. And that says a lot, given hubs is from Baltimore and a chef… Want to go back some day. Palmetto Island SP camping is wonderful. Geckos, alligators, owls and orchids… wonderful.


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