Slowly Running Away from Covid, Finally

The last few weeks we’ve been running away from Covid and into better health. Not a day goes by when I don’t say “Thank you” to the Universe. After our first long, 10 mile marathon training run that we did Sunday, I gave xtra thanks. Things could have turned out so much worse. 

Marathon Training After Coronavirus? You Bet!

One of the hardest parts of having Covid is you never know how it will affect you.  With any new ache or pain I wonder “Is it Covid coming back?” Or am I just sore from working out? Could it be an unrelated symptom of my other medical issues? Am I going to drop dead if I run farther or faster? All those awful stories about Covid survivors who got sick again after recovering spin through my mind. So many Covid long-haulers are suffering horrific side-effects, with no end in sight. Thankfully it doesn’t look like we will join that club. 

About the only positive of having Covid is that this year’s Dryuary Challenge was exceptionally easy! We haven’t had a drink since early December. I’m tempted to keep going, although we’ll probably break our alcohol-free cycle on Superbowl Sunday. I can’t say for sure though. Alcohol is far less appealing these days, at least for me.

Meanwhile I joined a Covid clinical trial for the National Institute of Health. Jim did too. A group of researchers is looking to see if there’s a genetic link to contracting the disease. I was happy to spit into a tube to provide DNA and help them find out.

Join Covid Clinical Research Study
I joined a Covid research study looking for a genetic link to getting Covid.

Yep, we got very lucky. This disease only messed up our life for about a month. A few weeks ago we felt good enough to start running again, not just walking.

Racking Up Miles Running Away from Covid

Meanwhile, life is boring without a dog. Easier, but boring, and sad. The only upside is that without our co-pilot Wyatt, there’s no need to run on staggered shifts to prevent him from being left alone and getting into trouble.

So now we run together, and it’s a totally new experience. I used to get irritated training with Jim because I’m so much slower. My inferiority running complex made me feel like I was always being left behind. But learning to meditate has taught me to see so many things differently. Sunday I laughed thinking about how being a few second behind him used to bug me. So, I recorded my dorky self  thinking out loud, while running along the Coachella Canal. Sorry for the shaky filming but dang that’s a rocky road!

Our new marathon training goal is to complete our first 2021 race on May 16, one day before our 24th anniversary. After Sunday’s first long run, I’m 99% sure we’ll be able to do those 26.2 miles. Stay tuned and stay healthy!

5 thoughts on “Slowly Running Away from Covid, Finally”

  1. I used to get irritated training with Jim because I’m so much slower.

    And now, I’m so much slower it doesn’t bug you any more since you no longer have to try to keep up! 😀

  2. I’m glad you both have recovered and ate getting back to the running you live. I’m getting my vaccine on March 8. I will be glad when I have both shots. Jim got his first Monday.
    Take care.

  3. Glad to know you’re both on the mend! There’s a secret to being in the lead – I have found while hiking or backpacking (I’m not a runner) that being in the lead pushes me along and makes me keep a better tempo than when I’m behind other people. You’re just helping to push Jim along.


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