Best Overlander Rigs at 2019 Rocky Mountain Overland Rally

Rene already shared a random sampling of overlander rigs in her recent rant observations of the overlander lifestyle, but we saw so many cool rigs at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Overland Rally it may take a few posts to share them all. Can’t wait? Check out the Live Work Dream galleries to see more cool campers and RVs.

BOB Overlander

The first thing that caught our eye was B.O.B. But that Beast was not the only impressive, hardcore, large expedition vehicle.

MAN Overlander

This MAN actually looked rather roomy.

MAN Overland Rig

But you’d have a hard time stealth camping in that bad boy.

EarthCruiser Overlander

EarthCruiser was there, but their reps would not even give me the time of day.


That’s okay, I’d prefer an original EarthRoamer anyway.

Chevy Sportsmobile

I think this Chevy Sportsmobile conversion outfitted by Aluminess is still my favorite Scooby Van of all the rigs we saw at the rally.

Sportsmobile Sprinter Van

I am fond of the Sprinter vans, though.

Quigley 4x4

And I discovered Quigley does some rather impressive 4×4 customization for many makes and models.

Toyota Overlander

As far as trucks go, Toyotas were all over the rally grounds.

Dodge Power Wagon

But you know, I am and always will be a Dodge Man.

Dodge Power Wagon

Ya just gotta love the Power Wagon. And the Old School Wagon, for that matter…


Tent toppers, truck campers, and tent trailers were also all the rage at this overland rally. But like I said, we have lots of photos and we saw some pretty cool products, so you’ll have to stay tuned for more…

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2 thoughts on “Best Overlander Rigs at 2019 Rocky Mountain Overland Rally”

  1. Hey Jim. Brent with EarthCruiser here. I was at the Rocky Mountain Overland show, and would have been happy to show you around our rigs. We also had 3 customers there who were showing people through their rigs the entire show. I’m not sure what happened, but catch us at a future show and we’ll be happy to take as much time discussing the rigs, travel, or whatever else is of interest.

    • Thanks for the note Brent. Hopefully next time, the reps at your exhibit (on three separate visits) will not keep sitting, eating or talking on the phone when interested parties make eye contact with a nod and smile while peeking into the rigs.


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