When and How to Replace Dodge Ram Batteries

I’m sure many of our readers know how to replace Dodge Ram batteries. Some certainly know when to replace Dodge Ram batteries. The big question is: why? The answer to that is, before they go bad. So, what makes good batteries go bad? Time. 

replace dodge ram batteries
Replace Dodge Ram batteries before warranty expires.

Batteries have a limited life span. While you want to get the most life out of them, you also want to replace them before they die and leave you stranded. Ours were showing no signs of efficiency loss whatsoever. Other than their age that is, which we had forgotten long ago. Our AGM batteries require no maintenance. But I do diligently check the connections and keep the battery terminals clean. I constantly monitor their voltage and keep a keen eye on the charging gauge. Then I may have killed them on purpose. 

I’ll get to exactly why I recently replaced our batteries in a bit. In short, their time was done. And the job gave me a chance to get some pictures for anyone wondering how to replace Dodge Ram batteries. 

dodge ram batteries
Disconnect negative battery cables first.

How to Replace Dodge Ram Batteries

Our Dodge Ram has two truck batteries. It is best to replace both batteries at the same time. If you’re wondering how to replace Dodge Ram batteries, the process is simple. Disconnect and remove the old batteries. Replace and connect the new batteries. There are a couple important things to know, however, when replacing two truck batteries.

dodge ram batteries
Return old batteries for core charge refund.

What is Correct Sequence to Disconnect Truck Batteries?

Always disconnect the negative terminal first when removing battery cables. Remove the ground connections first. This prevents the positive connections from arcing and causing a short circuit in the electrical system. But which battery do you disconnect first when your truck has two batteries?

Truck Battery Disconnect Sequence:

  1. Disconnect battery 1 negative cable.
  2. Disconnect battery 2 negative cable.
  3. Disconnect battery 2 positive cable.
  4. Disconnect battery 1 positive cable.

How to Connect 2 Truck Batteries:

  1. Connect battery 2 positive cable.
  2. Connect battery 1 positive cable.
  3. Connect battery 1 negative cable.
  4. Connect battery 2 negative cable.
dodge ram batteries
Connect positive battery cables first.

Okay? Okay. If you’re still reading, you may be wondering: Which is battery 1?

Battery #1 is on located on the driver’s side. This is the master battery. The slave is on the passenger side.

NOTE: When removing your battery for the first time, you may notice it won’t budge after disconnecting the cables. Check for a retainer clip holding the battery in place. Our Dodge Ram batteries have a bracket connected to the battery shelf that fits into a groove in the bottom of the battery. Unscrew this clip before attempting to lift the batter out of the engine compartment to save yourself from a hernia.

dodge ram battery
Disconnect retainer clip before removing battery.

Follow these simple steps to replace Dodge Ram batteries. The procedure is the same for other medium duty trucks with two batteries. Be a good steward of your batteries and they’ll be good to you. 

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That should be enough about when and how to replace Dodge Ram batteries. Stay tuned for that story about why I ended up replacing ours when we did.


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