Return of the Friday Five for More Full-timing Fun

It’s been so long since I’ve updated our full-time RVing galleries, that this Friday Five will be a truly random trip in the Wayback Machine for more full-timing fun. No workamping rant. Not any product review. Just some more random pics from our 15+ years on the road.

Whitehorse, Yukon Walmart Boondocking – July, 2018

Okay…technically it’s not quite yet been 15 years since we hit the road full-time. But by this time 15 years ago, we were already deep into planning our departure from the default life.

Dinosaur National Monument – September, 2021

And, technically we’re not traveling too far back in that Wayback Machine, yet. But true randomness is as random does. The last thing Rene said when walking out the door right now was about Dinosaur National Monument, for a big National Parks project we’re working on. There are #nocoincidences.

Snowy Mountain Brewery Saratoga, WY – May, 2017

Meanwhile, back in the brewery…plenty of full-timing fun has been had here while visiting craft breweries and distilleries.

The Very Large Array – May, 2014

Twenty fourteen takes us a few more years back. But even that isn’t the first time we we made Making Contact at the Very Large Array. That was in April 2008, that rime our camera broke. Yeah, before our phone had a camera…

Capitol Reef Bighorn Sheep – May, 2008

That’s more like it – nearly wayback as it gets. We’d been on the road just less than a year for our first visit to Cohab Canyon. In the RV, that is. Since that’s where I proposed to Rene on that motorcycle trip in our previous life. And I swear that photo came up randomly…or about as random as random gets.

Got an idea for the next Friday Five?

Leave a comment and I’ll see what I can come up with from our full-timing fun RV photo galleries during my next trip down memory in the Wayback Machine.

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