Cohab Canyon 12 Years Later

This is the place I was talking about in that silly romantic post about where I proposed to René.

Cohab Canyon Proposal Altar

Considering the millennia it took to form Capitol Reef, not much has changed in Cohab Canyon over the past dozen years.

But we sure have.

Looking at the canyon, I recognize the old rock formations. Looking at the young tent campers nearby, I realize we would have bagged on all these big RVs and us old “campers” running our noisy generators.

Last time we passed through here was in the middle of a twelve-day, four-state, 3000 mile motorcycle tour. We were young, tough, and dirty. We were true campers. We slept on the ground, cooked over one burner, and washed our dishes with rocks.

It was also the middle of July. It was hot, and there was nobody here. Perhaps we were unobservant at the time, or just too in love to observe the Gifford House. “Is that new,” we asked ourselves yesterday. Duh, the Mormon homestead is 100 years old. I’m sure glad we noticed it this time, and that they sell fresh homemade pie!

Now, the place is packed – the campground was full every night. So plan to get to Fruita early this time of year! We also noticed the tenters, eating their one-pan breakfast on the ground, and the disdain the had for RV generators in the evening. I don’t blame them. But hey, this is boondocking here in the Fruita campground. Our nightly ten dollar site fee is just as green as theirs. And we’ve paid our dues.

Bighorn Sheep Overlook Cohab Canyon

Rene suggested we inform the young camping couple, that an RV is in their future. If they were anything like we used to be, I’m sure they would have said, “Schyeah … right!”

One morning we hiked back to the scene of the crime twelve years ago. The altar was still standing. Lightning did not strike, but we were being watched by a loving young couple of Bighorn sheep.

The next morning, we hiked the Fremont River Trail which we had missed before. And there we were visited by this herd of deer …

2 thoughts on “Cohab Canyon 12 Years Later”

  1. I still have a hard time believing that we are the RVing people I used to bag on. But if I had known that one could choose to make fulltime RVing a lifestyle, I would have looked at RVs and the funny people that camped in them, a lot differently.

    It never occurred to me that one could live in these things all year long and have a great time doing it, while seeing the continent. Really, choosing to sell your stick home and travel in an RV is just so rebellious! Doesn’t matter if your RV is a van or a Monaco, living this life isn’t “normal,” and not being normal is one of the things I always strive for.

    Here’s to fulltime RVers, for not living a boring, predictable life!


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