Five More Favorite Full-timing Photos

Last week’s Fun Fotos Friday was a fantastic trip down memory lane, so let’s do that again! Loading my secret source for random full-timing photos, here are the first five that grabbed me by the gut.

full-timing photos
Free Boondocking at Two Guns Arizona Ghost Kampground

As soon as the page loaded, I found these these two beautiful faces staring at mine. The free night we spent boondocking at 2 Guns was another one of those creepy camp situations we like putting ourselves into. Chalk it up to Fearvana.

Colorado Marathon 2019
Rene Runs 2019 Colorado Marathon

This second face is a bit more beautiful. Rene is so happy here, because that is only the first few miles into our first Marathon.

Bloody Mary Memphis
Pearl’s Oyster House Bloody Mary Memphis, TN

Next, I wondered where exactly we enjoyed this wonderful concoction. My first guess was it being the Caesar at the bar in Nelson, BC which we clearly never wrote about. Instead, I discovered it’s a Bloody Mary at Pearl’s Oyster House in Mmmmmemphis, Tennessee.

Fantasy Land
Alley Oop at Fantasy Land Iraan Texas

How could I possibly scroll by Alley Oop!? I couldn’t. Just like we can’t drive by Iraan without checking in on the Alley Oop Museum and Park. Oh, how I hope it is still there next time we travel I-10 through Texas!

apple skin
Home made apple sauce in the RV

Apple-Sauce! Apple-Sauce! This one sent me down the Rabbit Hole looking for my silly Crash Course in Applesauce video – set to the tune of “Apple Schnapps” off of John Wayne’s album, Texas Funeral. Yet another dead end, but I finally found it on our LiveWorkDream Youtube channel.

These random full-timing photos stirred up fun memories from Arizona to Colorado, and from Tennessee to Texas. The a Washington apple harvest photo reminded me of the video I made featuring a song off Texas Funeral.

Wyatt Ray Dawg
Old Sunflower Coal Sign and Wyatt, Texas Dog

But wait! Here’s one more random pic I couldn’t pass up. Yeah, I miss that dog. We was our co-pilot for many thousands of miles. Yet this shot shouted at me, and we happened to snap it in – wait for it…Texas.

There are no coincidences. Or maybe we’ll find some for next weeks’ Fun Fotos Friday! Consider leaving a comment with a topic for me to search for among our 13+ years of favorite full-time RVing photos.



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