Sunrise, Sunset

While out on my morning run recently, I snapped this shot of the sun rising over the desert near the Chocolate Mountains after a hard run up a long rocky trail.

Chocolate Mountains Sunrise
Sunrise over the Chocolate Mountains

I shared this with my client and friend Rabbi Jill Zimmerman, whose recurring theme for courses and teachings this time of year turns to Finding Light in the Darkness. She suggests people reflect on such images, and ask:

What do you see? What might it mean to you? What is the message that calls to you?

That got me thinking, so I replied: I viewed this as an awakening – not only to a new day, but to the possibilities this new year may bring among the challenges overcome to get this far. 

As another year of wandering comes to a close, I got to wondering – what other sunrise and sunset photos might I find in our full-time RVing galleries from over the past 12 or so years?

St. Augustine Sunrise
St. Augustine Sunrise, Florida

I clearly remember the first time we ever watched the sunrise over the Atlantic way back in late 2007. That was just odd for this west coast kid. My search for other photos, resulted in another quick photographic trip down memory lane.

Arizona ranch sunrise
Cranes in flight over Arizona ranch sunrise.

This reminded me of our February, 2009 stay near Elfrida, where we’d awake to watch the migrating cranes during our short stint as property caretakers in southern Arizona.

Contrabando Movie Set Sunrise
Sunrise over Contrabando Movie Set in Big Bend Ranch

This sunrise caught my eye, and I recalled how we woke early one morning to check out the Contrabando movie set, since it got so hot so fast each day during that spring of 2012 when we stayed to long in southwestern Texas, when we discovered God and Satan Duel in West Texas.

Arizona Cactus Sunrise
Quartzsite Arizona Cactus Sunrise

Apparently this sunrise desert run near Quartzsite, was just earlier this year, in January when we met up with fellow Xscapers. My how time flies when we’re always on the move

Florida sunset
Florida sunset over White Rabbit Acres

Did someone say sunset? There have been plenty of memorable ones, but one of the first in our galleries was taken while workamping as organic farmers at White Rabbit Acres.

Three Rivers Campground
Sunset at Three Rivers Campground

The next image that caught my eye made me remember how I’ll never forget the utter silence during our stay at Three Rivers Campground at the foot of Sierra Blanca near Tularosa, NM.

Airstream Sunset
Wellington KOA Airstream Sunset

Airstream aficionados may enjoy this photo I shot at sunset in Wellington, Colorado back in 2009.

Sunset over Slab City
Sunset over Slab City, USA

And this sunset is for anyone who says Slab City is not beautiful.

Texas Sunset
Free Texas Roadside Boondocking

This one has always been a favorite, which reminds me of why we live the way we do – taken somewhere in West Texas where we spent the night for free.

Grand Tetons Sunset
Colorful Grand Tetons Sunset at Spread Creek

Finally, Rene shot this fantastic photo, requiring no filters, from our fine spot near the Grand Tetons in Big Sky Country.

What other photo collections might you want to see from our travels? Can’t wait? Check out the galleries.

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