Skyroam + Prime Video = Easy RV TV

The Solis mobile hotspot has been part of our redundant RV internet arsenal since we first discovered the benfefits of Skyroam mobile broadband, which just keep getting better. While we put Skyroam to the test while RVing to Alaska and traveling through Canada, our primary methods of connectivity are still Verizon mobile broadband using our iPhone Personal Hotspots and our RV DataSat 840 satellite internet system. Our hockey puck, as the Skyroam is affectionately called around here, has found its place and purpose as part of our nomadic entertainment system.

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Skyroam Mobile Broadband: Great RV Entertainment

For the record, we don’t watch TV – not everyday anyway – and we’re not the Netflix type. We don’t even own a television. But when we do want to watch something worthwhile, we’d rather not waste our precious bandwidth streaming video.

Skyroam Solis
Streaming Prime Video via Skyroam Solis

Enter our Skyroam Solis. With no monthly contract required, we can use the bandwidth we need, when we want it, to do whatever. With the Skyroam, we can activate a Day Pass for 24 hours and up to 1GB at 4G speeds. This is usually adequate to watch a movie or a couple television program episodes. And it’s more than suitable for streaming music or podcasts all day.

Enter Amazon Prime. Our love/hate relationship with Amazon does have one benefit: Prime Video and Prime Music. Okay, maybe that’s two benefits. With thousands of movies, TV programs, radio stations, and music playlists, Prime is the perfect match for our Skyroam.

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Easy bandwidth management. In the event that downloads get throttled after the Skyroam exceeds its 1 GB day pass allowance, performance may degrade to 3G speeds. The Solis admin interface now allows you to start another day pass before your 24 hours is up. And, optional Skyroam monthly broadband plans are now available.

Redundancy matters. The Skyroam connects to the strongest nearby cellular broadband network, wherever you are. In many cases throughout our travels, that has not always been Verizon. At other times when the Verizon network is overloaded due to capacity, the Skyroam has enabled us to get online and continue working from anywhere.

In short: Combined with Amazon Prime streaming services, the Skyroam Solis is an integral part of our RV entertainment system, and serves as a reliable redundant method of internet connectivity. If you’re a serious traveler, don’t leave home without it!

Skyroam Solis Mobile Broadband Review

Optional Skyroam Data Plans

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Amazon Prime Entertainment

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    • Thanks for sharing! That contradicts our experience and what we have been told by a Skyroam support tech in their live chat. No, it is not “recommended” for streaming, but we have found that it has worked well without buffering in many locations.


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