At home in the shadow of giants

I have always loved the mountains. And I’ve always thought I would love to live in the mountains.

Boondocking at Three Rivers Campground
Boondocking at Three Rivers Campground

After having gone directly from boondocking at Three Rivers Campground in the shadows of Sierra Blanca overlooking New Mexico’s Tularosa Valley to the smog-filled traffic jam that is Los Angeles, I can say without a doubt that mountains are a definite requirement for the next place I live.

Yes, our site was really this quiet. And it was well worth the seven mile drive down a narrow dirt road from the nearest full-hookup sites …

Give me the peace and quiet, the deafening silence. Give me the fresh air, dirt, rocks and trees. Give me a horizon that has structure – peaks, valleys, living proof of plate tectonics and continental uplift. Give me land. Lots of land, with the stars up above … don’t box me in.

One certain way to always enjoy the mountains, is to just keep on full-timing. So far, I’m game for that! It’s at least a way to try and discover which mountain range we like best for our new home, if we ever do settle down. But how do you decide?

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  1. That is just the kind of place I need to take a break in. I was look at several different campgrounds to visit this year and now ive got a new one on my list.

    Thanks for the great videos.


  2. Oh, I envy you watching that movie – we need to find it here or rent it (already?). The book was breathtaking and heartbreaking and I read it in one sitting, can’t wait to see Penn’s take and hear Vedder’s intwine.

  3. We also love the mountains. That is why we retired to the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. But we bought or little place in the mountains 27 years age before the prices went crazy.

    It can get crowded on weekends but on week days we have the mountains to ourselves. We enjoy the mountains on the weekdays and do our house work on the weekends.

    Take a look at our back yard:

    We will be getting a trailer this spring and hit the road especially when the snow is 5 feet high outside like it is now. Enjoyed the two movies. This is the kind of place we hope to camp in the escape the snow.

  4. Last night, we watched “Into the Wild.” I thought it was so ironic; Jim and I have traveled thousands of miles on rural backcountry roads, camped in some spectacular scenery, and there we were last night, watching a movie about someone else’s similar adventures, while sitting on a sofa in crowded, hectic Los Angeles. It made my heart ache.

    I love this song.

    Hard Sun – Eddie Vedder
    From “Into the Wild”

    When I walk beside her
    I am the better man
    when i look to leave her
    I always stagger back again

    Once I built an ivory tower
    so I could worship from above
    when I climb down to be set free
    she took me in again

    There’s a big
    a big hard sun
    beating on the big people
    in the big hard world

    When she comes to greet me
    she is mercy at my feet
    I see her inner charm
    she just throws it back at me

    Once I dug an early grave
    to find a better land
    she just smiled and laughed at me
    and took her rules back again

    Once I stood to lose her
    and I saw what i had done
    bowed down and threw away the hours
    of her garden and her sun

    So I tried to want her
    I turned to see her weep
    40 days and 40 nights
    and its still coming down on me


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