Bad Roads Lead to New RV Tires. Time to Roll South.

We thought bad roads were behind us after the Alcan Ate Our Trailer. But the lure of off-the-beaten path boondocking is often greater than our desire to avoid ruts, bumps and dirt. The only problem with that is those roads are hard on tires. After we found this great boondocking campsite between the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, it was time to order new RV tires from SimpleTire.

new RV tires
We are suckers for great boondocking spots.

Ever since our Stewart-Cassiar Highway flat tire trip from hell, the mismatched tires we were riding on made us uneasy. We had one Carlisle 10-ply trailer tire and our three older Maxxis had seen better days. Since we had such a great experience ordering new truck tires online from SimpleTire, when the company offered to compensate us in exchange for telling you about our second transaction with their website, well, of course we said yes. Now we would know if SimpleTire is always as good as we thought.

new RV tires
Riding on mismatched trailer tires made us uneasy.

Bad Boondocking Roads Lead to New RV Tires. Whew!

After returning to the U.S. we kept telling ourselves that all we wanted was easy camping for a while. But when we discovered that every RV campsite in Yellowstone was booked through mid-October, we consulted our Escapees Days End Directory and found a great spot in view of the Tetons. Unfortunately, it was a grueling 20 minute off-road RVing drive to get there. 

We dodged low-hanging branches and bounced over endless rocky roads while questioning our decision the whole time. But once we found the spot, it was amazing to discover that we had no other neighbors for at least a half mile and those folks were tenters so we didn’t have to listen to someone’s generator. 

new RV tires
All this space to ourselves for an entire week.

The weather was chilly but not awful. 4×4 trails led to endless wilderness. At night, pure silence. We even had decent cellular service. Was the drive to get to this spot worth the ordeal? You decide.

new RV tires
Great boondocking sites are worth the ordeal to get there.

The scenery reminded us of our last few days with Jerry in the area. Everything was just as it was then, with fall colors exploding and the chilly air letting know it was time to head south. Before leaving, we scattered some of his ashes, knowing in our hearts how much he would have loved that spot.

new RV tires
Jerry is now part of this beautiful landscape.

The Ultimate Full-time RVer’s Convenience: Ordering New RV Trailer Tires Online 

Cold weather was just around the corner, and it was time to head to Fort Collins. But before leaving, we took a few minutes to order RV trailer tires online with SimpleTire. The company makes it so easy to pick and choose the right tires for RVs. 

simpletire tire types
Find all tire types at

Since we wanted to stick with Maxxis 10-ply tires, we didn’t need to research trailer tires in the SimpleTire Buying Guide or the 1400+ RV trailer tire makes and models available. 

simpletire trailer tires
Select from 1400+ trailer tires at

We found the exact make and model of RV trailer tires that we wanted, at an unbeatable price.

simpletire maxxis trailer tires
Get the tires you want for your trailer at

SimpleTire puts all the buying power into the hands of the customer. It’s quicker and easier than calling around to different RV tire shops and pricing things out. You can even get free shipping on new tires, even if you don’t choose one of their installation partners.

simpletire tire checkout
Free shipping to preferred local tire installers nationwide.

It’s the best online tire buying method on the planet. Period. We’ll never go old-school again.

Once we chose our new RV tires, we picked a tire installation time and date that worked for our schedule. 

simpletire schedule appt
Schedule tire installation upon checkout at

SimpleTire has a large choice of tire installation partners in Fort Collins, so we made an installation appointment with the shop that had biggest driveway we could see on Google Earth: Houska Tire and Oil. It was the right choice for several more reasons.

simpletire tires shipped
SimpleTire Shipping Notification Email

Houska not only works with SimpleTire to install new RV trailer tires, but they also have an excellent reputation on Yelp and Google for the repair work they do on passenger cars, trucks and commercial fleet vehicles. 

Once our order was in process, SimpleTire tracked the tires the whole way. Less than three days later, we received word that our new RV tires had been delivered at Houska. It was time to leave that great boondocking spot.

new RV tires
Houska Tire and Oil knows how to treat customers right.

Rolling back into civilization was a bit of a shock, but worth it knowing that our new Maxxis RV trailer tires were waiting and ready for installation. 

Houska’s service technicians put that new Carlisle trailer tire on as our spare. They inspected our trailer brakes and re-packed our trailer wheel bearings at a moment’s request. Everything went as perfectly as possible.

new RV tires
Don’t you love the smell of new RV tires?

When the job was finished, Jim made sure each TPMS tire sensor monitor was put back on the appropriately programmed wheel. They were. Houska’s tech’s were on it.

new RV tires
New tires and a TPMS. Finally, we could relax again.

We were out of the shop in a couple of hours, with pretty new Maxxis trailer tires on our wheels. At the end of the day we checked into our first full-hookup campsite in over a month, the Lakeside Fort Collins KOA. Ironically, it was the one year anniversary of the day we closed the deal on Jerry’s Acres, when we once again shedding the chains of property ownership.

While we were in Fort Collins, we also dropped some change on getting the truck serviced at Diesel Services of Northern Colorado. With a clean Cummins engine bill of health and four new RV tires on the rig, we felt ready to head south.

new RV tires
Precious cargo. New tires. Time to roll south!

It’s good to know we’ve done all we can to ensure that we’ll get from Point A to Point B, safely and without incident. Thank you SimpleTire, for helping RVers like us hit the road with more peace of mind. We’ll definitely order our next new RV and truck tires from you in the future.

4 thoughts on “Bad Roads Lead to New RV Tires. Time to Roll South.”

  1. Pretty nice digs at the Lakeside Fort Collins KOA, did you treat yourself to a hot tub site?????

    The only time we parked in one of their hot tub sites was to take some marketing photos, then had to move back to the regular site, so didn’t use hot tub, hell I didn’t even plug in, just needed a rig in the site for the photos. That was when they first built them many years ago. They were once a client of ours, so we have spent quite a bit of time there in the past.

    Glad you got the tires taken care of, the simple tire program sounds pretty slick. I’ll have to try it the next time I need tires, since I never find myself near my “tire guy” anymore.
    Travel Safe

    • Larry, it’s probably our fourth time at that KOA and yeah, pretty sweet. Last year when we sold our Colorado place, we treated ourselves to a weekend in one of the hot tub sites, it was fantastic! This time, no way, we went with the cheap seats but still nice. Fort Collins is where we tend to feel at home the most, so I know we’ll be back there.

      As for SimpleTire, you’re right, it is super slick. I just like the way it gives you control over what you order, instead of showing up at a shop and hoping the guy behind the counter bought the right tires. This way if there’s a screw up, it’s probably our doing, which we can deal with. So far though, both experiences have been seamless. Let me know if you give them a try.

    • Thanks Patti! Yeah I think that even if we were stationary we would still use the SimpleTire website. See above in my comment to Larry. It’s just nice having that level of control over what we order. And the prices are awesome too.


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