Why We’re Obsessed Over Ordering RV Tires Online

When it comes to RVing, every season seems to have a common theme. For us, this one has been the summer of tires. And now that we’re rolling along on a set of mis-matched RV trailer tires, we are obsessed about ordering RV tires online. A few flats along the Alaska Highway can do that to you. 

Ordering RV Tires Online Keeps Travel Smart and Simple

Ordering RV Tires Online
We prefer Michelin Defenders for the Dodge.

The Michelin Defender tires we ordered from SimpleTire in May are performing as expected. After the two random flats in Ephrata, Washington, all four are going strong despite driving roughly 4,000 miles on the roughest, nastiest roads we have ever encountered. We’ve stuck by the Michelin line for years, and have never been disappointed. 

Right now the truck tires are the least of our concerns. It’s the trailer tires that we keep thinking about. After all, when you have your entire life and everything you own riding on four sets of rubber, you really should keep them on top of mind. Over the years, we’ve learned this hard way.

Ordering RV Tires Online
We should have carried two spare RV tires on the Alcan.

Until we had our first blowout on the Utah salt flats, we never cared about boring but oh so necessary RV tire basics that affect our safety, fuel economy and overall wear and tear on the entire RV. But in the school of hard knocks, we’ve learned to put RV tires high on our list of priorities. For example:

Ordering RV Tires Online
Coach-Net sent the only open tire shop on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway.

It’s that third point that’s bothering us right now, because we are violating it. Sure, we were grateful when Coach-Net saved the day and a mechanic brought us a new Carlisle trailer tire on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway. It’s the same class and weight as our existing Maxxis tires, but it has a different tread pattern. We’ve had Carlile tires in the past, but find the Maxxis line works better for our specific weight and driving needs.

Ordering RV Tires Online
If only SimpleTire shipped to Canada.

We want to order new trailer tires as soon as possible, but we have to wait until we are back in the U.S. for an all new matching set. As of this writing, SimpleTire doesn’t deliver to Canada, yet. Total bummer, but we understand that they can’t have such low tire prices if they shipped beyond the lower 48. 

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If we could do it all over again, we would have carried two spare tires with us, both Maxxis M8008 ST 225/75R-15. In the meantime, we’re counting the days until we cross that U.S. border and get our SimpleTire order rolling in the Idaho Panhandle. An entirely new set will only set us back $492. Guess I know what I’m getting for my birthday, which is today.

Guess you know you’re a real RVer when you can get excited about new tires for a birthday present.

buying RV tires online
This is how we roll: Maxxis M8008 ST

P.S. As you may remember from our first Simple Tire ordering review, we were compensated to share our SimpleTire experience, but again, we are always brutally honest about any product reviews we publish. Things have worked out great with ordering tires online, and we love spreading the word about the convenient, money-saving experience. 




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  1. Happy Birthday Jim,
    Don’t think of the tires as your birthday present, instead consider “the Zen like piece of mind” you are receiving as a present, because you won’t have to worry about the tires.
    I assume, you will saving two of the remaining tires as spares and carrying two going forward. So the second spare tire mount can be Rene’s present. LOL
    Travel Safe.


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