Full-time RVers Health Care Options are a Sick Joke

With Covid behind us, we started a new search for decent full-time RVers health care. Sadly, we came up with nothing.  The Sorry State of Full-time RVers Health Care Coverage Options Full-timing is a hot RV trend right now. Too bad health care options for full-time RVers isn’t. I mean who wants to think about premiums and plans when your heart is bursting with wanderlust? …

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Rabbi Jill Grateful Lesson Workbook

A Waterfall of Blessings (in a Shitstorm of a Year)

I struggle with what to say this week. And I’m trying really, really hard to find blessings in a shitstorm of a year. Thanks to our friend Rabbi Jill’s Gratitude Workbook, it may be possible to do it. The Price of Pure Love  As Jim mentioned, we set Wyatt Ray free from his worn out earth clothes. Twelve years on three legs takes a toll …

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