Why the Project M Truck Topper Camper for Our Next Adventure

What is the Project M truck topper camper? And why did we choose the Project M for our next major nomadic lifestyle adventure. A bigger question is why this whole Project M Experience? The short answer to the former is: We did our homework. The latter is a bit longer story that relates to the whole reason we hit the road and started blogging about it here at Live Work Dream, way back when.

In short, this lifestyle rocks! \m/

Yeah, it still rocks after 15+ years. But seriously, why is our awesome nomadic home office for sale?

Why are we downsizing from our comfortable 27′ fifth wheel to a Project M truck topper camper from Four Wheel Campers? Well, we’ve said it before, but comfort is overrated. And, Rene had another great idea. “Let’s go to Alaska,” she said. Great, I’m all for that. But after our first long strange trip to Alaska, I swore I’d never take our home back up that crazy highway. Ever again. But wait, it gets better. “Let’s go for winter,” she said.

the project m experience

Why winter in Alaska? Because comfort is overrated she said. Okay…I’m all for that crazy idea too. I’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights. And we have crazy dog-musher friends who will help us check off another item on the proverbial bucket list. Therefore, we’ll need some way to protect all the stuff we need to take north. In addition, wouldn’t it be great to have some place to live while camping on the way up?

Project M Truck Topper Camper
Project M Truck Topper Camper at Four Wheel Campers Showroom

To make a long story short, I’ve produced our first episode of The Project M Experience…

Why We Chose the Project M Truck Topper Camper

I haven’t put this much effort into our Live Work Dream videos in a long time. That’s because I haven’t been this excited in a long time. And, that’s because we’re embarking on our next big adventure. We’re calling it The Project M Experience. It’s our North of 60º Tour, to be specific. And we hope you’ll come along for the ride…

The Project M Is Our Next Adventure Vehicle

I love our truck! That’s why with more than 240,000 miles we’ve just poured nearly $10,000 dollars into it. But more about that another time. We’ve always talked about getting a Scooby Van someday. That’s what I call them. However, those 4WD Sprinter vans and other Overlander rigs are way more expensive than a new transmission. (Oops! Spoiler alert.) The Project M lets us make the most of our current vehicle.

Anyway, as you may have noticed in the video, I’m excited about our new Project M truck topper camper. In addition, this whole Project M Experience is adding excitement and a promise of adventure into our Live Work Dream.

As I mentioned in the first episode above, there will be (many) more videos to come. You may have noticed how excited we were in the showroom. And, I’m very excited for our upcoming installation appointment at Four Wheel Campers in Woodland, California. We just need to get back out to Colorado, to drop the trailer. After that, I can remove the hitch and toolbox from our truck. Then, we need to get back to California for the Project M truck topper installation. Meanwhile, the truck is back in the shop. But more about that another time.

Oh. We wouldn’t need to go to Colorado and back if we sold our trailer tomorrow! Have you seen it yet? Sorry, I digress, once gain…

Project M Truck Topper Camper
Project M Truck Topper Campers

Project M Truck Topper Specs and Options

Did you catch that first answer I had to, “Why the Project M?” I said we selected this truck topper camper from Four Wheel Campers because, “We did our homework.” I meant to explain a bit better on camera.

Rene first sat me down in 2006 and said, ” I got an idea!” After Jerry lost a leg to cancer, she suggested we sell everything and buy an RV. I went along with it and basically told her to figure it out. Well, she did her homework. She researched rigs and trucks. She made spreadsheets and checklists. And, she put together a budget. Together we researched our options. As a result, we hit the road within six months.

Fast forward 15+ years. Here we are in a bigger rig, with another crazy idea. “Winter in Alaska,” she said. And, my reluctance was apparently obvious. Once again, she did her homework. I just wanted a storage shell for the truck. She did her homework and showed me the Project M truck topper camper.

How the Project M truck topper is perfect for our next adventure:
Lightweight camper shell suitable for current truck. (Base model for our truck: 400± lbs.)
Protects our gear and provides a place to eat, work, sleep, and save on lodging.
More affordable and manageable than slide-in truck camper.
Allows us to get off-road and explore areas unreachable with fifth wheel.
Enables us to pull trailer for future hub and spoke travel.
Blank slate lets me design interior to fit our specific needs.
Returns us to our true “camping” roots.
It’s pretty frackin’ cool. \m/

Adventure Awaits in the Project M Truck Topper

“Back to our camping roots.” That’s one big reason I’m so excited about our new Project M Experience. There was a time when we laughed at those people who swept their tarps. We never considered RVing to be “real camping” instead choosing to take the road less traveled. We went way off the beaten path. We cooked in one pot. We slept on the ground.

Then, we bought an RV. And we became those people who swept our tarp.

On our way to Alaska last time, there were so many cool places we couldn’t go. This time we’ll get to go with our Project M topper on our truck. And yeah, we’ll be relatively comfortable. As Larry says…we’ll be Geezer Camping.

camping roots
Our Camping Roots
To be Continued…

With the Project M truck topper camper, we’ll have all the comforts of home, without dragging our house along. But we hope you’ll come along the ride. So as all the cool kids say: like and subscribe, and stay tuned for complete details and more video of our installation, build-out, and Project M Experience adventures to come…

Better yet, consider the Project M for your next adventure experience! And we’ll catch up with you off that beaten path somewhere.

Many thanks to Larry for introducing us to Four Wheel Campers.

Thanks to Four Wheel Campers for putting up with all our questions. I’m sure we’ll have more.

And, special thanks to mr_guitarra at fanaticguitars.com for the attribution license of his awesome riff. \m/

The Project M Experience

EPISODE 1: Why the Project M?

In the first episode of The Project M Experience we share why we chose the Project M truck topper camper for our next big adventure. Filmed on location at the Four Wheel Campers showroom in Rancho Cucamonga, CA with footage used by permission from fourwheelcampers.com.

EPISODE 2: Installation

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