Let the Project M Experience Begin!

The Project M experience is our next experiment in downsizing to optimize our Live Work Dream adventure.

You may have noticed our Arctic Fox fifth wheel for sale. Now the cat is out of the bag. I first said those words in this blog back in May 2007. That was the first time we downsized in a big way. We moved from our 3600+ sq. ft. sticks and bricks into our 24′ Arctic Fox 245N.

Downsizing from 3600 to 200 sq. ft. – May 2007

We lived and worked full-time from that 200 sq. ft. home office for seven years. And we enjoyed working from anywhere in that little box all over the country. Then came the time to upgrade.

We moved into out current 27′ Arctic Fox in 2014. And we’ve been getting pretty comfortable ever since.

Coaches of all sorts believe physical, financial, or emotional success and fulfillment only come from putting in the work. Many of them say you have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. I agree, life is give and take. To get results ya gotta do the thing.

Subsequently, I’ve said here before that comfort is over rated. But lately is seems we’ve become more uncomfortable with being comfortable.

Downsizing for Comfort Sake

Ever since Rene read the Comfort Crisis, she’s been talking about this Alaskan Winter idea. And now, that’s becoming more of a reality every day. I thoroughly enjoyed our long, strange trip to Alaska. That definitely tested the limits of our comfort levels. In addition, it beat the hell out of our home. Ever since, I’ve said I want to go back. Just never again in our fifth wheel.

Introducing the Project M from Four Wheel Campers.

Project M Experience
Project M photo courtesy of stolen from Four Wheel Campers.

No, we haven’t yet acquired our new truck camper yet. We still have a toolbox and fifth wheel hitch in the bed of our truck. Much like when we first hit the road, we’re doing our homework.

We’ve finally decided: Yes, let’s do this. As a result, we researched rigs and discovered the Project M. And, like our first major lifestyle leap, Rene is taking charge of the research. My role will be development.

So it’s getting real, and really exciting. I’m especially excited about our Project M experience, because we get to build it from scratch. And, we’ll be sharing it with you all along the way.

What Exactly is This Project M Experience?

The Project M is an ideal solution for our next road trip experience to and from Alaska. No, we won’t be sleeping in a truck camper come winter. However, it will allow us to reach spots along the way which we’d never get to in our fifth wheel.

There were so many cool side trips and campsites we missed out on during that first trip up the Alaskan Highway. However, with the Project M on our four wheel drive Dodge Ram, we’ll be able to get anywhere. Best of all, it’s a blank slate. We get to build it out our way.

The Project M Experience will help us get back to our true camping roots.

We remember how we used to laugh at those RVers who swept their tarp while we we slept on the ground. It didn’t take long for us to become those RVers who sweep our tarp.

The Project M is a happy compromise. Ultimately, it will give us all the comforts we need, with a small lightweight footprint.

Four Wheel has been building pop-up campers for 40+ years. Their latest Project M camper is an ultra-light, super rugged truck topper with a large cab-over bed. It’s built to meet the demands of the overlanding crowd. It is not your typical slide-in truckbed camper. So, it has space for everything we need to make it home.

We’ve been to a few Overlander expos. And I personally can’t wait to show up at the next one with a custom rig of our own.

Project M Camper Specs and Options

The Best of Both Worlds

After our next Alaska adventure, we’ll likely be looking for a new travel trailer. We’ll need a new home office after working from the road for a year in our new truck camper. We can’t exactly pull our fifth wheel with a truck topper attached.

When speaking with Four Wheel Campers, I first heard the term hub and spoke travel. This makes perfect sense with the Project M. We’ll have two rigs to call home. And then, we can travel to any long term or seasonal destination with both. Then, we’ll drop the trailer (hub) and head out in the M anywhere we want (spokes).

On the other hand, the Project M experience also makes sense for those traveling in a Class A rig. It’s light enough to to behind an RV. Therefore, it’s ideal for heading out on those overnight adventures from base camp. When it’s time to get comfortable again, head back to the hub. And then, when it’s time to move on, hitch up and go!

The Project M base model is only about 400 lbs.

That’s lighter than any slide-in camper on the market. However, don’t get me wrong. I know I’m going to feel pretty comfortable enjoying the Project M experience. I haven’t been able to stand up in my bedroom for 15+ years!

The Project M has more 6′ of standing room in the truck bed. As a result, I’ll have no problem hoping up into the queen size bed after a day of fishing, running mountain trails, or working from my hammock.

Oh, the places we’ll be able to go…

Unlimited Possibility for Adventure

We plan to get the full solar power option which includes a robust battery pack and 3-way charging. As a result, we’ll be able to go anywhere. And, we’ve already started our shopping lists for outfitting our ultimate adventure rig. In addition, Rene may need to rethink her Starlink opinion. Finally, I’m making plans to build out kitchen and storage space.

Thankfully, Four Wheel Campers makes all of this simple with a full compliment of Project M options and accessories.

In conclusion, if you can’t tell, we’re pretty excited about our new Project M Experience. We hope you’ll come along for the ride. Subscribe here to get notified of all our upcoming review posts and videos.

Comment with any recommended Project M, overlander rig builds, or links. Better yet, help us sell this awesome Arctic Fox, so we can get on with our Project Me experience…

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3 thoughts on “Let the Project M Experience Begin!”

  1. Way to go guys!
    The FWD products are excellent, I probably would have gotten one but after looking unsuccessfully for months in the used market, I gave up, folks just keep them.

    Well, I thought WE were downsizing & Simplifying, but you two are taking it to the limits. I’d be very interested in what your thoughts are on a pull behind, as I haven’t bought a replacement for the one I just sold (2021 Flagstaff Micro Light 21DS).

    Thanks for reminding me of our trips to AK, it triggered some good memories, and made me go review the first big summer of adventures up there on our blog, before you go, you might want to read over the posts from May thru Sep of 2008. I had forgotten about many fun things we saw and did.

    Kim & I are looking forward to following your journey!
    Have fun, be safe!
    PS, bring your fishing gear! The salmon runs up there are terrific.

  2. That uis definitively living smaller! But the options you will have in Alaska are so enticing. I sure look forward to following your adventures


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