3 Reasons Why We Won’t Buy Starlink for RVs

The RV community is abuzz with talk about satellite internet. But here’s why we won’t buy Starlink for RVs.

We are no strangers to satellite internet for RVs. One of the first things we installed on our first Arctic Fox was a MotoSat RV DataStorm unit. The ability to earn income anywhere allows us to stay on the road for 15 years and counting.

First, we think mobile RV satellite internet is awesome

won't buy Starlink for RVs
Mobile satellite internet for RVs keeps our wheels turning.

Nobody has to convince us that getting online from the middle of nowhere is terrific. Mobile satellite internet has connected us to the internet everywhere from Alaska (barely!), to the Mexico border.

Our first rooftop mounted system was not cheap. But we found it was worth the money.

The DataStorm was so essential to our nomadic lifestyle, that we invested in a second unit. In 2014, our RV DataSat 840 from MobilSat replaced the DataStorm. Again, not cheap. And while cellular broadband was getting better at the time, it still had limitations. Satellite internet data is expensive, but overall, the DataSat was once again worth the investment.

The only limitations our RV DataSat has is we need a clear view of the southern sky. And when something breaks, you need an uber geek onboard to figure it out. Thankfully, I’m married to one.

But here’s 3 reasons why we won’t buy Starlink for RVs

When we first heard about Starlink for RVs, the idea was intriguing. It would be nice to have a smaller system with less expensive data. But despite the pros of Starlink, we won’t be buying a system. Here are three reasons why.

Growing night sky pollution from Starlink’s satellite constellations.

Have you looked up at the sky lately? Night sky pollution is about to get much, much worse as more people get Starlink systems. Light pollution and frequency intrusion are interrupting astronomy studies all over the globe.

Users say Starlink for RVs technical support is awful.

It appears that Starlink was released without regard to how to support the customer base. Most users don’t have the kind of technical experience needed to troubleshoot mobile satellite internet. It’s a whole different game than cellular broadband.

Jim gets one-on-one RV satellite internet support with Expedition Communications (formerly Mobilsat)

And finally, Elon Musk is an asshole.

This is my number one reason why we won’t buy Starlink for RVs. Elon Musk is an embarrassment, a bad boss, a misogynistic pig, and simply put, a real asshole. RVers hot on the Starlink bandwagon are all too eager to give this prick their money.

Is being online anywhere worth the damage he is doing to the planet, and other people? I say NO!

Starlink buyers (and Tesla owners, for that matter) are turning a blind eye to the shitty, hypocritical things Musk has said and done. This man has publicly harassed, stepped on, and abused countless people in his rise to become the world’s most financially wealthy person. He is not someone who will get one dime of our money, at least on purpose.

This must be where Musk works.

Shitty things Elon Musk has said include:


Bonus Reason Why We Won’t Buy Starlink for RVs

Another reason why we won’t buy Starlink for RVs is because I fear that public lands will see increased impacts from RVers. Have you heard about the number of dispersed camping areas being closed because of bad behavior? It’s happening everywhere.

The inability to get online or make phone calls in remote areas is the only thing keeping idiots from overrunning public spaces.

With that boundary lifted, and now with Starlink approved for vehicles in motion, I fear for the state of public lands. You should too.

So there you have my reasons for why we won’t buy Starlink for RVs. When I asked Jim his reasons, he agreed with mine, but added one caveat. It’s the same one he mentioned when we debated whether or not to keep our Amazon Prime subscription.

Resistance is futile

Jim, on Starlink Internet for RVs

7 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why We Won’t Buy Starlink for RVs”

  1. So no technical reasons why Starlink is worse than other alternatives? Just opinions about the founder? That seems a bit weak and narrow minded.

    • Ken, I’m not the technical person in this rig. Jim is. I never said this is a review of the technology. From what I understand it is great technology. And as someone who appreciates tech, I can get behind better ways to get online. What I cannot get behind is willingly giving my money to a company owned by a smartass, arrogant, cheating narcissist billionaire who is only looking out for himself.

  2. You’re over reacting to Musk – I used to dislike the guy too – but for different reasons. I’ve learned to respect some of his calling it out and now his (expected) purchase of Twitter to keep speech free (for BOTH right wing and left wing views). He’s still kind of a crass ass but has some bold ambitions and if you’re playing the “he don’t get my money game” you’re blowing smoke – you no doubt use windows to support Gates and his messed up new world order ideas … , drink Starbucks when not in the boonies, etc. It’s a slippery slope , but go ahead and botcot him – leaves more BW for me to suft while you’re dealing with inferior solutions.

    And BTW, these two are bang on!

    Questioning the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines, and baselessly asserting that there were “quite a few negative reactions” to getting a second shot.
    Likening Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau to Hitler <freezing accounts of messages he doesn't like, enacting a war time act, he's frickin psycho)

  3. I have another one you can add to your list of reasons why you know Elon Musk is an asshole: Joe Rogan seems to love him.

  4. Hi Rene,
    I love reading your blogs. We were seriously thinking about starting full-time RVing, then COVID hit, but I still love reading about your adventures and your principled take on things. Like StarLink and Elon Musk. Resistance may be futile but we must try all the same! Keep on writing the truth.

    • Thanks Christine, you made my day and your feedback is appreciated. I agree, we at least need to try to make the world a better place for the 99%, rather than allowing guys like EM to steamroll us. Hope you can get out for some shorter trips to see if you want to make the leap to full-timing. Any questions just holler.


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