Why We Do What We Do – Enjoying Every Moment on the Road

I never wonder why we do what we do. Or maybe I’m constantly wondering and that’s why we do it. Or make that wandering, rather. 😉 While boondocking near Crowley Lake a while back, I shared this photo with the following post in for @Workampers group members to ponder.

Crowley Lake
Crowley Lake Campground – October 6, 2022

Why We Do What We Do.

Currently in between traditional assignments, enjoying the #workamping lifestyle by working from anywhere in our mobile Live Work Dream HQ…about seven miles into a morning run among mountain peaks and cinder cones. With client work waiting, before hanging out with RVing friends who met up with us.

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Sure, I had ulterior motives with my post. And it wasn’t to brag. I’m honest about my shameless promotion. But I honestly enjoy sharing the best resources and tips for living your best life on the road too. After all, that is why we do what we do. And it’s moments like this that don’t make me wonder one bit whether we made the right choice when fleeing the default life years ago. As I celebrate another celestial journey around the sun, I’ll reflect upon a few more recent moments that have proven all we do is so worthwhile.

morning moonset
Yes, that is the full moon setting.

Fair warning, most of these moments might have occurred in the wee hours of morning. In addition, they may have entailed running. Or hiking rather, as more than likely a couple thousand feet of elevation gain may have been involved lately. And before you wonder why on earth I might do that to myself, I’ll show you…

Crowley Lake Trail Run

For the record, I hate how Apple Memories doesn’t let you edit individual clip length any more. Photos and video never do nature justice. But I digress again. I was only hoping to show the true effort it sometimes takes to reach your goals. As Eliud Kipchoge says, no human is limited. I would argue that we are all limited. I certainly am, considering how long some of these recent “runs” took. But we are all limited – but only by the limitations we put upon ourselves.

why we do what we do
Sunrise at Crowley Lake

So exactly why do we do what we do? Well, what is it we exactly do anyway? I’ll spare you the dirty daily details. But Rene and I have been working hard from our mobile HQ ever since we hit the road 15+ years ago. We tell the whole story about how in our full-time RVing handbook, Income Anywhere! But why? Well, to enjoy the nomadic lifestyle to the fullest.

remote trail run
Near Bridgeport Reservoir, or what’s left of it.

Sure, I have to get up gawd awful early to get in a run exploring the new natural surroundings and get back in time to start my workday at a decent hour. But if we lived in sticks and bricks, those surroundings certainly wouldn’t change nearly as often. Before landing at FOY for the next few months, our surroundings have changed pretty often. It was fantastic bouncing around and boondocking for a few months. And I especially enjoyed what time we had for long runs in the Eastern Sierras. But as a result, I’m sick of so many steep runs and ready to “settle in” below sea level for the winter.

..a run in the morning is like eating a fruit a day – it chases he doctor away. It is good for your mind.

Eliud Kipchoge
Marathon World Record Holder

In Business and in Health

My dad used to say, “running will kill you.” He may have been referencing how local Northern California health news reporter and running advocate Captain Carrot died young, when I was much younger. I’m not sure. But dad died with miserable health in his early 70s, largely due to his large size, leather lungs, and lethargic lifestyle. He also often told me, “you’re just like me.”

why we do what we do
James C Nelson Senior and Junior, at about the same age.

“I was a fat little kid,” he would say, ignorant of the offense. “Then I shot up all thin and tall like you,” he later told me in my college days. I’ll grant him that underhanded compliment. But then he’d say, “and then I got all fat again.” It’s that last part I’m doing my best to avoid. And I owe Rene some credit for her help on that front. She’s the one responsible for all this marathon training. You’ll never guess what she got me for my birthday this year. Yeah, she signed us up for the Eugene Marathon, again. Oops! Did I just digress yet again?

cross in muntains
Somewhere near Washoe Lake.

All Work and No Play? Why We Do What We Do…

Why we do what we do – in work and in play – is to make the most of this life we’ve created for ourselves, for as long as possible. And that means making the most of each and every day. After all, every day is a great day. So, if I need to spend most my days at my computer, I’m going to make up for that by exploring the area around me every time it changes. And that is best done on foot, preferably off into some remote wilderness. Even if it gets scary sometimes. Because as I’ve said before how important it is to do something that scares you.

eastern sierras
Taboose Creek Trail Run

I was talking about why we do what we do. Well, we work so hard to be able to keep enjoying this lifestyle we started designing when we budgeted for that first year “off”…ha, year off. That didn’t last long. We work our butts off to fund our future, and provide peace of mind. We also put in so many hours to prevent financial surprises from becoming catastrophic. Because life on the road comes with certain surprises indeed. From an unexpected furnace repair, or replacing the fridge, to the many other repairs all full-time RVers face, unexpected expenses are to be expected.

In addition, we work so hard at training to take better care of our health. But that’s just for starters. Rene says she runs like we do so she can eat whatever she wants. Honestly, I hate running. But I like having had run. I enjoy the feeling after a long run, knowing that I can do what i just did. I also like getting way out there into the wilderness with no one around. To stop and admire the accomplishment gives as much thrill as the scenery.

why we do what we do
McGee Creek Canyon

Bring the Pain

Life is all about give and take. And that is why we do what we do. We get to take out of life what we’re willing to put into it. As a result, you have to put in the hours – or the miles – to achieve whatever it is that defines success for you. You want to enjoy the dream life working from anywhere? Put in the time and proper planning to make it possible. It’s not easy. But I’ve said here before, comfort is overrated. So we must push through with the pain. For that is where we truly succeed.

Pain is part of success. “Success” is not coming on a silver platter. You need to work for it. The moment you are working for it, that’s how you undergo pain.

Eliud Kipchoge, to Dr. Rangan Chattergee
Feel Better Live More podcast: Mindset for Success

And that is why we do what we do. It is the Live Work Dream. We work so hard so we can enjoy life on our terms. And, we train hard so we can continue to live our dream life. For complete details about how we do it, pick up your favorite format of our #1 New Release rated comprehensive workamping guide and full-time RVing hanbook, Income Anywhere!


Apparently Rene wrote a post with the same title in 2019!

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  1. Sorry for the late reply, my email program picks random emails to the junk folder and I just found this post. We will finally start our full time RV journey next month as retirees. Your discussion about running and health hit home. I too inherited my Dad’s body type. I just completed a two year health journey of replacing both knees with a complication with the second one of a multiple ankle fracture a year ago in October. Walking and dropping this weight is one of my top goals and I can’t wait to hike in the amazing places we travel to with my new knees. Happy Trails!


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