Running on Empty

Forgive us for getting off to a slow start this week. I’m still feeling a bit sluggish after running the 2022 Eugene Marathon on Sunday. So I may make this quick, unlike my marathon results. Though I must say, Rene and I both set personal best records with this run. We’re both still walking upright, almost. And we’re happy with our times. Watch our finish line video below, or read on for the gory details.

I’m especially happy, considering I’ve been chasing the mythical 4:20 time since my first marathon. Considering my previous finish times, I never dreamed I would ever actually run a 4:20:00 exactly. I wonder how often that happens. And being that this was the Eugene Marathon, I think I deserve a special 420 prize. But how did this happen?

For starters, Rene signed me up for the Eugene Marathon as a 25th wedding anniversary present. (Yes, that’s coming up soon.) But what kind of gift is that? The only thing Silver I got is my hair, and I’ve had that a while now. With the University of Oregon hosting this event, I had to wear Duck colors.

2022 eugene marathon
2022 eugene marathon

Anyway, I basically phoned in my effort for the Tucson Marathon we ran last December. So I put in some serious effort training for this one. I did plenty of one-hour 10K runs to prepare. But I had serious doubts about keeping up that 10:00 minute pace for four races in a row, and then some. This however, was a serious race, with thousands of serious runners.

And…we’re off!

As usual, I set out a bit too fast. I then noticed a pacer group ahead of me and tried to catch up, thinking it was the 4:35 crowd I saw. I was shocked to discover the 4:20 sign the pacer was holding. And even more shocked that I was keeping pace, even at the Half Marathon mark. I just might be able to run a sub 4:30, I thought at the time. Then they took off, or I fell back, or both.

That pacer was clearly running faster than a 4:20 pace. After I made my only pit stop of the race, her group was well ahead of me. Instead of hurting myself for sure, trying to catch up, I kept my pace and kept them in sight.

2022 Eugene Marathon Results Video

2022 Eugene Marathon Finish Line Videos

I was so excited to be done when I saw the finish line, that I didn’t even see the clock. Good thing, because the time was off anyway. Entering Hayward Stadium added to my excitement. It’s a beautiful facility with an amazing track. Prior to the race, I noticed people taking warm up laps. I encouraged Rene to join me and we ran a full lap around the professional track. Exiting into the incredible athlete warm-up area, we were stopped. The woman asked, “Are you elites?”

We laughed out loud. And I wish I would have said, “You have to ask?” 🙂

Running 26.2 Miles in the Footsteps of Legends

The 2022 Eugene Marathon finisher medals are like no others hanging on our wall. Most marathon medals are metal and round. These were hand crafted locally, using wood from the old stadium that was torn down to make room for the beautiful new Hayward Field. This incredible new facility will be home to the 2022 World Athletics Championships.

Running (almost) all out for 26.2 miles took its toll on my body. I’m hurting, but not as bad as I did after our first few marathons. We can say that, now that this was our our sixth official race.

The one gift I especially do appreciate right now, is our Theragun Pro percussive therapy massager.

Forgive me again if I miss this week’s Friday Five. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do…kinda like my marathon running.

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