Why We Do What We Do

The other day, a friend asked “Why would you take on that ranch job when you have so many other things going on with your business?” I thought about it for a second, and tried to explain our why with words. But now I think these photos can describe it a little better.

Tripawds Family Selfie
Our play date just before leaving the ranch.

Why We Do What We Do, and Where We Love to Do It

Yeah, we might have been a little crazy to take on any workamping jobs, when our plates are so full with other things we do to make money on the road.

Lake Fork Gunnison River
When we can live here during summer, why not?

But the ranch and Lake City is hard to resist. And knowing that there was an end in sight to our commitment was all we needed to give it a go.

Colorado Alpine Loop
The Alpine Loop scenery is the best reward for hard work of any kind.

Keeping up with a running program helped balance things out. We are back in training for an October marathon in the Sierra Nevadas. So most mornings, we got up at dusk to get in a run before going off to work.

Lake San Cristobal Colorado
Early morning runs and no traffic. Bonus!

That helped us start each day with a clear head and more energy than three cups of caffeine. 

Lake San Cristobal Running
Feeling grateful for Colorado’s cool summer weather.

We had fun. Yeah, it was challenging at times. But July 31st was our last day of work, and we’re back on the road now. Our departure is bittersweet, since we love the Vickers family and our temporary little paradise.

Alpine Loop Running
I hope to hang onto the benefits of training at 8800′ elevation.

So, this is why we do what we do when we come to work in Lake City. You can feel paradise all around you, and the happy vibe of great people.

But honestly, if I had to get up that early all the time, and then go to a J.O.B. that had no end in sight other than quitting or retirement, I would go bat shit crazy. I’m so grateful that long ago I figured out that the default life is not for me.

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