RV Maintenance, Repairs, and Hacks, Oh My!

Ack! RV maintenance never ends…Now our fridge has decided to stop working. This time seems much more serious than that first time I wrote about troubleshooting the Norcold RV Refrigerator in our first rig – more than 15 years ago! And, this has happened not long after finally clearing my honey-do list of RV repairs and maintenance projects. These included replacing our transfer switch, and practically rebuilding the furnace, not to mention more RVDataSat troubleshooting, and more.

So…for this Friday Five, I give you photos from our most popular RV maintenance tips and post about our RV repairs over the past 15+ years

RV maintenance
Arctic Fox Fifth Wheel Slide-out Gear Alignment

With 37 comments, my post about realigning our slide-out gears wins the RV maintenance popularity contest:

How to Fix RV Slide Out Leak with Quick Power Gear Rail Timing Adjustment

gearbox fix
Arctic Fox Fifth Landing Gearbox Replacement

My instructions for replacing the gearbox on our landing gear comes in second with 34 comments:

How to Replace DC Motor Gearbox on Fifth Wheel Landing Gear

RV maintenance
Troubleshoot and Fix Your RV Water Heater

But that was a tie with my detailed steps for troubleshooting water heater electrical problems:

How to Troubleshoot & Fix RV Water Heater Electrical Problem

rv water heater
Arctic Fox Fifth Landing Gearbox Replacement

Of my many RV water heater maintenance and repair posts, this one is also quite popular:

Note to Self: Check Water Heater Anode

That one dates way back. And yeah, the image was stolen by linking it directly from our site so I added the note.

RV maintenance
Arctic Fox Fifth Landing Gearbox Replacement

Our hydraulic trailer disc brake conversion overview has also been pretty popular, and it was a major upgrade so it warrants mentioning here:

Our Titan Hydraulic Trailer Disc Brake Conversion – The How and Why

Ack again! RV maintenance, website maintenance…this has sent me down a rabbit hole updating old posts and fixing broken links. All while juggling some major client projects, and preparing for another server migration here at the mobile Team Agreda HQ. So for this Friday Five, you actually get five fotos from our fifteen plus years of Live Work Dream Galleries.

See all of our RV maintenance tips and RV repairs posts for more gory details and photos of our many trailer upgrades over the years. Leave a comment with your major RV maintenance nightmares memories. Or, suggest a topic for next week’s rather random collection of RV lifestyle photos.

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  1. We had a refrigerator die when we lived in KS. Everyone said we had to buy a new one until I found a guy in Hutchison that rebuild them. What a pleasant surprise!
    I hope you are repair free for a while!


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