More RV Road Trip Randomness

Random is as random goes for this Friday Five go-around. So we’ll keep this RV road trip randomness short and sweet!

Coachella Canal Coyote

Photos never do nature justice. Not mine anyway! Not when you’re trying to snap a shot of a curious coyote while out for a morning marathon training run from our winter spot at FOY. This one was one of three that popped up over the hill, just about 20′ away. I called out to them after hearing the pack yip and yell all around me. Dogs be like “that’s no Coyote like I ever heard…”And they were quickly on their way.

rv road trip
Up close and personal with Lady Liberty.

Psych! No, that’s not New York Harbor. My iPhone lens isn’t that good. We’ve seen many miniature Statue of Liberty replica statues throughout our cross country travels over the past 15+ years. This RV road trip randomness is in Rawlins, Wyoming.

City Coyote Cousin

Maybe this Friday Five RV road trip photo collection isn’t so random after all. This coyote was living the city life, hanging out near the track at Rio Hondo College in Whittier, California.

rv road trip

Speaking of the Big City…do you know where this is? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you. The next time your RV road trip takes you to Lost Vegas, I highly recommend a visit to The Neon Museum.

Where is this art car?

No, that’s not East Jesus. We found this funky art car during one of our trips to Marfa, Texas. And thus brings us to the end of another Friday Five collection of RV Road Trip Randomness. Check out the Live Work Dream Galleries for more RV Road Trip photos from our cross country adventures over the years.

rv road trip
Viva Terlingua!

BONUS! Diggin up old photos always sends me down the rabbit hole of fixing old posts – adding tags, and featured images and such. But such is the life of an RV road trip nomadic blogger. But I just couldn’t let this one slip by…no, it’s not exactly random. But then, is true randomness truly random?

Suggest a topic for the next Friday Five, and I won’t have to get so philosophical about randomness next time.

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    • Gee Ed, pretty harsh and exactly the kind of behavior you are condemning.

      For the record, which you REALLY should check before sucking up to this sad sack: Between his 3 companies, Musk has received over $4.9 BILLION in government subsidies. It is the #1 way he has fueled his quasi-private empire. He is not a self-made man. And he is a fat hypocrite for vocally coming out against government assistance programs for anyone else.

      One more thing: you’re right, we really don’t care what you or anyone else thinks.


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