Eco-Friendly RV Wash Gear Gets Bugs Off, Fast!

We hate rig washing. But now that we found eco-friendly RV wash gear to get bugs off the rig in record time, we might do it more often.

RV washing is usually not a priority for us.

RV washing is a pain
We’ve got better things to do!

We don’t travel with an extra ladder, and you won’t find RV wash supplies in our rig, either. This rolling house of ours gets washed once a year. Sometimes twice, especially if we’ve been living in the mildewy Pacific Northwest.

In our early days living full-time on the road, we begrudgingly did this deed ourselves. But then we discovered the TA Truck Wash near Fountain of Youth in SoCal.

RV rig wash Indio California
It took us 10 years to discover this truck wash!

Now, we always stop there on the way to our winter spot at FOY. We pay $50 for a soapy soaking and rinse, and it’s worth every penny.

dirty Arctic Fox RV needs Bugs Off Pads
OK, time to wash this dirty Arctic Fox

So when the Bugs Off Pads company asked us to review their products, I didn’t exactly jump at the offer. Waste a beautiful summer day washing the rig? Why, I thought. Then I saw this:

I also heard my Dad’s voice whispering in my ear. “Don’t be such a slob, wash your damn car!” he’d nag when I was younger. Dad was fanatical about keeping his cars and RVs immaculate and shiny. So in his honor, I contemplated the job. I asked Bugs Off for more details about the product, to ensure it’s safe for fiberglass RVs.

The company assured me that Bugs Off Pads are safe for all surfaces.

“They are so effective that we hold a Mil-Spec issued for our product. This was done after the government tested the product on military grade paints which span the gamut from high-gloss to tactical, to radar absorbing, to radar reflecting, etc., with no degradation in the paint quality which would be extremely catastrophic if the radar absorbing paint failed in combat to absorb the radar! The paint alone on these jets cost more than most RV’s. Our pads are also used to clean the composite canopies of the aircraft which are very, very expensive.”

Don Meyns,

Assured it wouldn’t muck up our gel coat, I said “Yes!” And in return for feedback, they sent Bugs Off Bug Remover Sponges, Brake Dust Remover, and cleaning attachments to make the job less painful.

eco-friendly RV wash gear by Bugs Off
Bugs Off Eco-Friendly RV Wash Gear Available on Amazon, of course!

How I Got Bugs Off the RV in Minutes

First I rinsed the rig twice as instructed. Softening the bugs and bug juice is critical before using the Bugs Off Pads.

RV washing with Bugs Off Pads

Then I scrubbed. First with the brush attachment to get those high spots.

RV washing with Bugs Off Pads

I put a little elbow grease into removing the lower baked on bugs. Getting good leverage allowed me to apply a bit more hand pressure, which did the job faster than the attachment.

And without any RV cleaners or bug remover chemicals, the rig was clean again!

Brake Dust Remover Pads Work Great Too!

The Bugs Off Brake Dust Remover Pads spruced up our Dodge wheels, too!

Chrome wheel washing with Brake Dust Remover Pads

All it took was water, and less than 5 minutes on each wheel.

With just a little effort, I removed thousands of miles of grimy brake dust.

Chrome wheel washing with Brake Dust Remover Pads

Who knew it could be that easy to get baked on bugs off the RV and our Dodge wheels? Not me!

What I Love Most About Bugs Off Eco-Friendly RV Wash Pads

The fibers in these pads do an excellent job at removing bugs, grime, road grit and brake dust without chemicals. I especially love that we don’t need to buy and carry special RV cleaning chemicals to do this job. The less toxic cleaners going down storm drains, the better.

This is an eco-friendly RV cleaning product you can feel good about buying.

I’m confident you’ll love this RV cleaning product line too. Bugs Off is here to answer any questions I didn’t answer:

Tell Don we sent you!

Put on Your Sunglasses, Here We Come!

Soon we’ll leave our current spot for my birthday road trip around eastern Oregon and northeast California. Our final August destination is Susanville, where Jim and I will race the Biz Johnson again. Getting on the road and moving around in a blindingly clean rig will be so nice. The Bugs Off Pads made this little fantasy happen, with far less effort than I imagined!

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