Favorite Lakes and Rivers Found RVing

NOTE: These favorite lakes and rivers were postponed one more week, once I realized this post was to be published on New years Eve. So the last Friday Five was a Best RVing Pics of 2021

Mississippi River from Museum Of Metal Art Memphis, TN June 2015

Lakes and rivers and ponds, oh my! I had planned on posting those Tucson Marathon photos and video for this Friday Five. But with so much going on around here, I made that my main post for this week. We’ll get back to more nomadic madness – and that big news I talked about – soon, I promise.

…for another 5, how about your favorite lakes and rivers?

Meanwhile, I turn to another reader suggestion for this selection of (relatively) random yet related photos from our 14+ years of full-time RVing galleries. This time, it’s lakes and rivers.

Mississippi Headwaters
Mississippi Headwaters, Lake Itasca – August 2007

One of my greatest lake memories is from Lake Itasca. That counts for both lakes and rivers since it is where we waded across the headwaters of the Mississippi river with Jerry.

lake michigan
Lake Michigan – August, 2007

Speaking of great, the Great Lakes are, well…pretty great. But really, that whole Lakes Region of the Midwest brings back pretty great memories.

Lake Champlain
Lake Champlain, Burlington Vermont – September 2007

We also liked Lake Champlain. Enough so, that Burlingtom made it on to that three part favorite places list including favorite places to camp in the East.

lakes and rivers
San Juan River – July 2007

Did someone say lakes and rivers? That San Juan River spot is still some of my favorite boondocking some 14 years later. 

battenkill river
Battenkill River – October 2007

And the Battenkill River remains some of my most fun fly fishing on the road to date.

Guadalupe River
Texas RV Park Flood, Guadalupe River – April 2010

But I’ll never forget the night we were evacuated from that Guadalupe River flood.

Green River
Green River, Utah – April 2011

Ut was apparently exactly a year later that it only felat like we were getting flooded out while boondocking along Green River in Utah.

There ya have it, already more than five…check our Live Work Dream galleries for many more photos, or stay tuned for the next Friday Five.

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