Celebrating Equality and Open Mindedness

Good friend and Live Work Dream fan Maya had an an excellent idea for this week’s Fun Fotos Friday collection of random pictures from our RV lifestyle galleries. After my recent rant about BLM, and last week’s selection of monuments to white pride we’ve encountered around the country, she suggested the following.

Ugh, that made me want to vomit. Sadly, I think we’ve run into this garbage in every state we spent more than a day or two in. How about next Friday is the reverse–as many pictures as you can find celebrating equality and open-mindedness?

So without further adieu…another not so random, yet much needed dose of hope and cheer. Of course, the first thing I found for equality was quite a few photos from the Equality House we visited in 2017.

equality house

Yeah, the Equality House is directly across the street from the WBC, in Topeka, Kansas, on purpose.

equality house

And it’s a beautiful example of tolerance taking a stand in the face of hate.

equality house

As I type this, Chinese Man lyrics boom from our Jambox streaming Amazon Prime Music: “Change begins with you and me.” There are no coincidences.

equality house

As far as open-mindedness goes, I recall seeing this in the Church of Broken Toys at The Slabs long ago…

open your mind

Now, for a bit more randomness.

peace granny

Speaking of Slab City, that’s some peace granny flying her freak flag in the 2009 Tomato Festival Parade. Did you hear Niland nearly burned to the ground recently? 🙁

peace nook

So for some more peace and hope for humanity, that’s the Peace Nook we found in Columbia, Missouri.

memphis love

Spread  the love. It’s the least we can do.

hope for change

Hope has instigated change in the past. It can do it again.

vedic city

Perhaps we need to spend more time in Vedic City. Yes, if we all work together toward peace, we can prove that America is invincible.

invincible america

Finally, in searching for hope and change, I stumbled upon this post I wrote about inspiring change.

reframe fear

Read the post then download the beautifully designed and inspiring free e-book.

inspire change

Change begins with you and me…and a little help from our friends.

Keep up the good work!

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Equality and Open Mindedness”

  1. I’ve been browsing your blog and like these “random” posts. How about a post about quirky “Americana” that you guys have seen along the way, but with a twist: try to find photos that celebrate how wonderfully diverse Americans are in terms of ethnicity and race. The fake igloo might be the symbol of the kitschy American roadside attraction but really, we are so, so much more. I look forward to seeing if you have anything!

    • Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve definitely seen our share of quirkiness and americana…check out our Bizarre and Scary Americana galleries, ad I’ll see what I can come up with.


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