Monuments to White America Prove White Pride is Not Dead

Following up on my recent BLM rant, this week’s Fun Fotos Friday collection of random pics from our RV lifestyle galleries is neither very random, nor particularly fun. Rene suggested I find photos of the various monuments to White America we have seen in our travels. I do recall seeing a number of statues and monuments around this country which may be on the list to be torn down by those working to change the systemic injustice going on. I suppose it’s a good thing that we didn’t take many pictures of them though. So instead, I’ll share some photos of monuments and symbols we have seen in our travels that prove racism and white power is still a thing in America.

virginia confederacy

We first encountered proliferation of the Confederate Battle Flag – aka: Rebel Flag, Dixie Flag – when we arrived in West Virginia.

dixie plate

Its appearance became more common as we traveled through Virginia.

confederate flag

The further south we drove, the more proudly it was displayed.

dixie girl

The Midwest also had its share of symbolism for social bias. In fact, it was in Duluth, MN when we first encountered blatant racism.

Nothing racist here, except our neighbor.

While parked at the docks near the Lift Bridge, a total stranger “welcomed us by dropping the N Word and warning us to stay away from the “dark side” of town.

General Lee

As much as I love a cherry Charger, the General Lee – like this one we saw in Mondovi, WI – has new meaning to me.


Mt. Olivet cemetery had its share of white pride on display. 😉

confederate memorial

Specifically, in the Confederate Memorial Hall.

confederate cemetery

The Confederate Cemetery in Fredericksburg, Virginia is filled with memorials to the fact that white power isn’t dead, only sleeping.


This wasn’t the only “pickaninny” we came across in Mississippi. More proof to the prevalence of the innate racism southern society still deems acceptable.

Davey Crocket

And while the real David Crockett may well have perished at the Alamo, the legendary Davy Crockett of the popular Crockett almanac bearing his name, was apparently “…horribly racist with a sense of humor that was chiefly excremental, sexual, and bigoted.” –Texas Monthly


Sadly, many still do not support the change that is needed to help us become a nation more open to equality than hatred.

redneck pride
To be clear, this issue is not only a Southern thing, as seen on this Redneck Pride golf cart at the Fountain of Youth.

WBC hatred

And it is not just about race either. Hatred takes many forms in this great nation of ours.

mexican border

Shall we get back to a more lighthearted selection of random pics for next week’s Fun Fotos Friday? Suggest a topic below, and I’ll search our 13+ years of full-time RVing photos!

6 thoughts on “Monuments to White America Prove White Pride is Not Dead”

  1. Every state has some cleaning up to do. My parents were very racist and I raised my sons to treat everyone the same. Blatant racism .blows my mind. Do I look like someone who would condone racism? I speak up more than i did even 5 years ago when I hear or see racism.
    Time and love

  2. Ugh, that made me want to vomit. Sadly, I think we’ve run into this garbage in every state we spent more than a day or two in. How about next Friday is the reverse–as many pictures as you can find celebrating equality and open-mindedness?

  3. Having been born and raised in Duluth (and still has family there), It surprises me that’s where you got hit with racism. I remember when we got our first African American student when I was in junior high, He was one of the more popular boys in school that year. I never heard anything negative said about him. I do remember hearing racial slurs against Native Americans but not from anyone I knew. Duluth has changed a lot. The minority population has grown. But I still think that the person you ran into is one of the few in Duluth who feels that way. (Sorry…….I just feel I have to defend my hometown!)


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