Recent Flora and Fauna Found in the Forest

I was gonna title this Fun Friday Fotos collection “Recent Flora and Fauna Found on the Road” but that might sound like a random collection of photos from our Roadkill Cafe Gallery. That wouldn’t be very random now, would it? Well, neither is this I suppose. And technically, we’re not really on the road right now either.


We haven’t posted many of our recent Flora and Fauna photos lately, at least not all together like this. So here’s a relatively random selection of plants and animals we’ve encountered here at Camp Covid in Southern Oregon.

wet flower

Like Rene said in her recent post, you can’t have all the green around here without all the wet. And it’s been plenty wet. So the wildflowers are popping up all over the woods.

purple wildflower

I know at least one Live Work Dream blog subscriber will easily identify these. Leave a comment if you know what flora and fauna we’ve found here.

oregon wildflower

Basically, we have your PLF species. That’s from the Pretty Little Flower genus if you didn’t know.

big fungi

And we also have some PBFs from the Pretty Big Fungi family.

Fun Guy

That Fun Guy is not to be confused the Icky Guy I wrote about a while ago.

elk herd

Enough Flora already. What about the Fauna?

Oregon Elk

As Elk go, our new neighbors aren’t really that big. Not compared to the Colorado elk we are used to seeing up in the Rockies.

canada goslings

The friendly neighborhood Canada Geese, however, have been raising a cute little gaggle of goslings.

red beetle

And then there was this little hitchhiker who landed on my hand during my Loneliest Marathon.

burl boil

I’ll classify this find as a Burl Boil. I’m sure the flora and fauna of southern Oregon gets much more random and diverse tan this.

thermal bacteria

But this wouldn’t be a true collection of Fun Friday Fotos without a truly random find from our Flora and Fauna gallery on the Galleries page. No, that’s not a local blue-green algae bloom! I’ll save you the identification test here. This is an example of the bacteria mats found in Yellowstone National Park thermal features – from our bittersweet Yellowstone stay back in October, 2008.

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