New Skyroam Mobile Internet Options for RVers

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about the Skyroam mobile internet options because I’ve been waiting for a chance to review the new Solis X Wifi Smartspot. We finally got our new Solis X, and it’s clearly going to take some time – and at least a couple posts – to discover and test all the new features of this incredible new mobile broadband hotspot. Stay tuned for a more in-depth review, and head-to-head comparison of the original Skyroam Solis and new Solis X.

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For now, here is my first impression of the new Skyroam Solis X mobile wifi hotspot and a rundown of the new features I find most exciting for digital nomads, and other full-time RVers.

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Syroam Solis X Packs Many Mobile Internet Options into One Small Smartspot

The first thing that grabbed my attention about the new Solis X hotspot from Skyroam, was the built-in camera. But more about that in a minute. Browsing its many new features proves the Solix X is packed with a multitude of mobile internet options.

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Without the typical unboxing video, rest assured that Skyroam continues to package its products well with clear and concise information to get you online quickly. The new Skyroam mobile app makes it easier than ever to get online in minutes – from anywhere with cell service, without a contract!

skyroam solis setup

Skyroam lives up to its promise for easy internet connectivity anywhere in three easy steps.

  1. Power on the Solis hotspot.
  2. Choose your wifi plan.
  3. Enjoy wifi anywhere.

skyroam solis features

It’s really that simple. And, the Solis and Solis X both have a QR code on the bottom to make getting online even easier. Point your smart phone at the code, and instantly connect to the wifi hotspot. Choosing your plan is the best part. No contract is required, though mobile data contract options are available to take advantage of additional savings.

Since the Solis is just one component of our internet arsenal, we prefer the pay as you go plan. We don’t connect via the Solis every day. So we use “daypasses” as needed. These provide unlimited data for 24 hours. Yes, bandwidth is moderated after 1GB of downloads, but a new daypass can be started anytime to reset that limit.

skyroam solis data

Now Skyroam has added even more mobile internet options for purchasing the data you need, when you need it. New plans provide higher throttling limits, and greater savings. The Go Data plan is available for purchasing full-speed data by the gigabyte, while daypasses provide data on a daily basis

skyroam solis data

Skyroam data subscriptions provide for additional savings and can be cancelled anytime without contract cancellation fees imposed by most mobile internet providers. Skyroam even offers a VPN plan for those digital nomads in need of fast secure connectivity.

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The true beauty of the mobile internet options provided by the Solis mobile hotspots is that Skyroam works with any mobile broadband carrier. So, you are not stuck with one cellular network provider. Simply turn on your Skyroam Solis X or Skyroam Solis Lite Hotspot and it will automatically find the best local broadband signal wherever you are. How do they do it? Skyroam’s patented Virtual SIM technology delivers local data, internationally, allowing you to connect to dozens of different cellular networks without the need for network-specific SIM cards!

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Enough about the Skyroam technology. What about that camera? 😮

Keep an eye on your RV while you are away.

With any Go Data plan, you can monitor the status of your Solis X hotspot, even when you are away from your RV. You can also access the camera via remote control. So now you have a way to check on your pets, or keep an eye on your home for security and peace of mind.

skyroam solis features

Simply launch the Skyroam mobile app and tap the Camera button to view the scene or snap a photo. Of course, the camera can be used for selfies or video while your out and about too.

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Believe it or not, I’ve only scratched the surface of the many mobile internet options packed into the new Skyroam Solis X mobile broadband hotspot. With buit-in IFTTT applets, you can configure your Solis Smartspot to do anything from automatically sharing location updates on your favorite social platforms, to tracking your travels, or sending a text message upon arrival, and finding your phone. Oh, and did I mention? Both the Solis and Solis X hotspots are also robust battery packs you can use to charge your mobile devices!

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The Skyroam Solis is the ideal mobile hotspot for international travelers, with global internet access in more than 130 countries. The Solis X is a perfect addition to the internet access toolkit for digital nomads and smart RVers. As I have mentioned many times, if you need reliable internet access anywhere on the road: Redundancy is the only solution. And the Skyroam Solis line offers some of the best mobile internet options for RVers, without a contract.

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