Our Previous RV Kitchen Catastrophes Were Never This Bad

When people joke that RVs are like subjecting your home to an earthquake every time you travel, they’re right. We’ve had our share of RV kitchen catastrophes, but none like what we experienced a couple of nights ago.

Some RV kitchen catastrophes are more epic than others.

When we embarked on Jim’s RV office space remodel, we knew the bottom desk drawers would be used for pantry storage. These large bins have served us well so far, until Friday afternoon.

It was one of those days. You know, when you drive too long, too far, and just want to get to a place and park for a while. When we finally stopped moving, here’s what we discovered.

The super sticky, sugary sweet brown rice syrup I’ve been using for homemade energy gels couldn’t stand up to the horrendous potholes on Interstate 5 in Northern California.


Of course it was the priciest jar in the drawer. Not the cheap salsa, or the barbecue sauce, or the half full jars of spices. No, it was the gooiest ingredient of the bunch that exploded and sent slimy syrup all over the drawer.

It made all our other RV kitchen disasters and messy RV closets pale in comparison.

By the time we got to it, the syrup coated everything in the drawer, and was starting to spill out the sides. It was only fitting that RV kitchen catastrophes like this one happen  when we are all set to boondock for several days.

We had just one paper towel roll on board, but Jim’s packrat rag collection habit saved the day. He brought out dozens of old rags to clean the mess, and about two hours later, it was gone.


I’ll never nag him about rag hoarding ever again. And from now on, glass jars get swaddled in bubble wrap when being stored.

Little did we know that the sticky mess was just the warm-up to our 3-AM wake-up call. That’s when I stepped right into Wyatt’s poop explosion meltdown on the carpet.

Yeah, it was one of those days.

4 thoughts on “Our Previous RV Kitchen Catastrophes Were Never This Bad”

  1. We had red food coloring spill in a cabinet, It didn’t look like much but that stuff is hard to clean up. I wiped and piped and still got more. I think it soaked into the wood. I let it dry and put shelf liner over it. Problem solved.
    Sticky messes really are the worst.
    We bought men’s tube socks, cut them in half and use them all over. Glasses, cups, liqueur bottles, pantry stuff all get a sleeve of sock to protect and stop the noise too. Works great and easy to slip one on.
    Happy travels!

  2. Hey Rene
    Been there, done that in my home cupboard. Here’s what i have learned. It may not have been the potholes on the interstate..

    I get honey from a neighbour, this spring I had a jar of natural honey break while sitting on the shelve in my kitchen, just pots in the kitchen, no pot holes.
    Apparently, liquid natural honey will ferment if stored in a warm environment, sufficiently enough to crack a glass jar.
    I would suggest that this would only be the case if the jar had not been opened for several weeks, if it had yet to be used, who knows how long it sat on the retailers shelf.
    Either way, good information to know when dealing with natural products made from sugar.
    P.S. Will not ferment in the refrigerator, my stock of unopened honey jars are now stored in the refrigerator.

    It may well have been the jarring caused by potholes on the interstate, or, karma to remind you to stay away from the interstates.
    Hope all is well with you folks.
    Cheers from Your friend from Canada


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