Be More Dog #1 New Release Now Available!

It’s official! We’ve published the story of our travels with Jerry and the lessons we learned those first two years on the road with our three-legged co-pilot and zen master.

Be More DogIt’s amazing to think how that silly pound puppy we met more than twenty years ago led us to where we are today, and taught us so many valuable lessons along the way. I’s even more amazing to see the book in print, and how it is being received so far.

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Be More Dog – Learning to Live in the Now has only been live on Amazon for a few days. The book has earned top spots for #1 New Release in both the Travel with Pets and Veterinary Surgery categories.

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It’s also heartwarming to read Be More Dog reviews and hear the wonderful things readers have to say about our first book. Rene chooses not to read the reviews. So I’ll just share some of the advance praise we dug up for the back cover…

Advance Praise for the Be Authors:

“I love that they got in the RV and did it for their dog, Jerry.”
– Oprah Winfrey (The Gayle King Show, May 2010)

“I think what y’all are doing is great.”
– Dave Ramsey (The Dave Ramsey Show, September 2012)

“This powerful book is a love note to all who have had the honor and joy to share the companionship of a beloved dog.”
– Patrick McDonnell (MUTTS Creator)

Be More Dog isn’t just for Tripawd dog lovers, it details into our first year on the road as full-time RVers, and follows us around the country through our first few workamping jobs.

Of course, the day we launched the book and pointed people toward our new Be More Dog Bookstore and gift Shop, we immediately started experiencing technical difficulties causing extreme frustration – and forcing us to recall some of those very lessons this whole book is all about.

8 thoughts on “Be More Dog #1 New Release Now Available!”

  1. Congratulations you guys! The Amazon borgs would not let me post my 5 star review of Be More Dog because I had not bought anything from them in the past year! Grrr! So…I wrote it and I need to post it somewhere! Don’t look Rene!

    Be More Dog is the heartwarming true story of a special dog, Jerry, and his humans, sure to bring a tear to your eye and make you want to hug your own dog tight. The story follows first time dog owners Jim and Rene, who adopted a shelter pup, little knowing he had many lessons to teach them and would eventually be the catalyst for some profound life changes. For much of his life the hardworking couple relied on Jerry to get them away from their computers and out of the house for countless adventures in the natural world they all loved. He was their CFO (Chief Fun Officer) and took his job as seriously as a dog can. But when Jerry was diagnosed with bone cancer Jim and Rene’s whole world was turned upside down.

    After selling everything and hitting the road with Jerry, Jim and Rene were finally able to really focus on the lessons in living life to the fullest Jerry had been trying to teach them throughout their years together. Above all this is a love story, between two people and their “heart and soul dog”. In turn sweet, funny, heartbreaking, and inspiring, Be More Dog is a must read for anyone who shares their life with a canine companion!

  2. Congratulations on being a #1 New Release in TWO Amazon categories–good job! It is well-deserved for providing readers with life lessons that both inspire and enlighten. I’ve spread the word on FaceBook to my fellow Escapee members at our park and hope others do the same.


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