Messy RV Closet Hangers Problem Solved!

Just a quick update on our messy RV closet hangers problem (because I knew it was keeping you up at night!). 

The Solution Doesn’t Cost a Dime

messy RV closet problem solved

For the last four years I’ve been over-thinking our RV closet problem. I just assumed there was some gadget to buy, or RV hack Honey Do project that needed to happen in order to keep our messy RV closet hangers from jumping off the bathroom and closet rods whenever we moved on down the road.

The solution was much, much simpler than I thought. And it came from reader Marilyn, who said:

Seems like I read somewhere that if the hangers are hung back to front they won’t jump off..never tried it as ours never drop but maybe it’s worth a try.

This was the first time I had ever heard of such a suggestion. Since it didn’t cost anything, I thought I would try it when we made our Luckenbach pilgrimage. And I am happy to report that it works!

I tested that theory between Texas and New Mexico, by putting some hangers front to back on the way to one location. Later, when we departed for the next, I moved some back to front. The front to back hangers always stayed put. Who knew?

How to Keep Your Messy RV Closet Hangers in One Spot

messy RV closet problem solved
Our clothes stayed put on bumpy roads.

To keep your hangers from falling on the floor in the closet, just hang them back to front. Duh!

Thank you Marilyn. This is one less thing I need to think about whenever we move. You’ve saved my sanity more than you’ll ever know.

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