Four Wheel Campers Research Assignment Begins

As we continue our Four Wheel Campers research, Rene and I will be taking one step closer to making our Project M Experience a reality next week. We’ve got a date at the Four Wheel Campers of Southern California showroom in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. That’s when we’ll get our hands on the Project M for the first time. Then, we’ll check out all the options and accessories available. Hopefully we’ll interview someone so we can share what we discover on our Youtube channel.

Finally, we’ll be able to see and touch everything in person. Instead of just drooling online. As a result, we can finally confirm exactly how we’ll configure the core truck topper. And, if all goes as planned, we’ll have an installation date on the calendar before you know it. So, for this week’s Friday Five I searched our 15+ years of LiveWorkDream galleries for “truck camper” and guess what?

four wheel campers research
Our Four Wheel Campers research began at the Rocky Mountain Overlander Rally.

There are at least a few Four Wheel Campers in our Cool Rigs gallery. That is no coincidence. We’ve seen them at a few of the Overlander rallies we’ve been to.

Four Wheel Campers are popular at Overlander rallies.

Four Wheel Campers Our Favorite Over Others

Our passion for the Four Wheel Campers brand has evolved over the years. Our friend Larry has had two of their slide-in truck campers. And, it didn’t take much Four Wheel Campers research to rule out all the others.

Cirrus Slide-in Truck Camper

Most of the typical truck campers, and some less typical ones, are simply too big for our truck. Especially considering we hope to pull a travel trailer behind our own Project M some day.

AT Truck Topper Tent Camper

Most, if not all of the other lightweight truck toppers have a wedge-shaped tent. Therefore, there is much less headroom. As a result, the sleeping area is much smaller too.

50Ten Flatbed Truck Camper

In doing our Four Wheel Campers research, we discovered they also make a flatbed model. However, that too would require a new truck. And, that’s not gonna happen.

Nimbl Evolution

Ultimately, all truck campers provide a very limited living space. Personally, I believe if my rig is gonna be small it should also be lightweight. And, I’m excited about the versatility the Project M offers. It can be removed with relative ease, compared to these others. In addition, because it’s so light we’ll be able to tow a travel trailer again once we replace our Artic Fox fifth wheel for sale.

A bit too small, even for us!

Finally, with some of the cool options we plan to add, it will be considerably more modern than some of the alternatives we’ve seen. 😉 Stay tuned for details and the results from more of our Four Wheel Campers Research. And, if you have a suggestion for the next Friday Five, let me know with a comment below!

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