Bound for Nowhere: Why We Know the Project M is Right

We’re now 100% confident the Project M is right for us. And that has at least a little something to do with the crew behind all those awesome Bound for Nowhere movies. The universe is conspiring on our behalf while all the pieces are falling into place as we embark on this Project M Experience. Sound a bit too woo woo for you? That’s okay, I’m just a firm believer that there are no coincidences.

In addition, I do believe in signs. Sometimes they’re omens, or warnings. This time, they’ve been reassuring us that we’re on the right track. Just look who we ran into when we toured the Four Wheel Campers showroon in Southern California.

bound for nowhere
Mak & Owen @bound.for.nowhere

Running into Owen and Mak from Bound.For.Nowhere is yet another sign that we’re in the right place at the right time with this next major lifestyle shift. In other words, things are going our way. I’m sure of it. Why was this chance meeting such a big deal?

@liveworkdream + @bound.for.nowhere = @fourwheelcampers

Well, what are the chances we would meet up when we did? We’re two couples who have been on the road and sharing nomadic experiences for 20+ years combined. They’ve been on the road for more than seven years, and currently roam about in Roxanne – their Four Wheel Campers HAWK Flatbed on a 4×4 Tundra. And, they happened to show up when we were getting our first look at the Four Wheel Campers Project M up close and personal. But wait…

Bound for Nowehere Project M Rig Tour & Review

It was this Bound for Nowhere Project M review video that helped convince me to move forward with Rene’s crazy truck camper idea.

Mak and Owen sold me on the Project M, without doing any selling. Their objective and entertaining rig tour piqued my interest. As a result, we’ve taken the final steps to making our own Project M adventure a reality. When they walked into the Four Wheel Campers showroom, I thought they looked vaguely familiar. But I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Once we started talking, it all came together. In addition, as it turns out, we all have a few things in common. Aside from being fellow digital nomads, that is. We’re both embarking on some rather big lifestyle changes. We’re downsizing into the Project M for our road trip to and from Alaska. And I’ll let them explain their exciting plans, when the time is right.

So follow Bound For Nowhere on Youtube and Instagram. Or, catch them at the upcoming Four Wheel Campers owners Nor Cal Rally in Grass Valley this June. Oh, how I wish we could make that! However, we’ll be building out or new Project M in Colorado. I’m not sure we’ll name it. Anything other than The Project M Experience, that is. But I am pretty certain our paths will cross again, somewhere down the road… \m/

Now, we only need to find the perfect nomads looking for our Arctic Fox 275-B For Sale or Trade! And then everything will be falling into place for sure!

3 thoughts on “Bound for Nowhere: Why We Know the Project M is Right”

  1. I currently own a full 8ft length Leer camper shell on my big crew cab F250. I also have a 2018 Palomino ss1244 slide-in pop-up on my super cab F150. I have owned (and used extensively) two other camper shells, two Lance slide ins (850 & 851), two smallish (21-23ft) pull behind trailers; and a big Alpenlite 29ft 5th wheel. All of these within the span of less than 20years!

    So, you’re probably saying, this guy is nuts! No it just took me a while to realize it’s not about the RV, it’s about your mission!

    No one (or maybe even three) pieces of equipment will do it all! So, my approach has been to move to the particular piece(s) of equipment that best fits the mission that Kim & I are currently on, and even that doesn’t solve all of the needs! So, I’m currently looking for a smaller, lighter pull behind to broaden out the available equipment.
    On the dust, try living in the southwest corner of NM – you want to test a truck or campers ability to keep the dust out, just come on down! I’ve even bought the expensive Ford & Dodge factory bed seal kits, nothing short of a well sealed camper or trailer will keep the dust out. And then the fine stuff still finds its way in, add to that, my black labs legs & feet, to make sure more gets brought in. Even the sealed interior of the trucks accumulates the stuff!

    If you’d like to discuss further, pm me with your number. I could write a book on what we’ve learned!


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