Variety of Workamping Jobs Is As Diverse As Workampers

We’ve had a wide variety of workamping jobs over the past 15+ years. And in my recent post I explained how, technically speaking, workamping is not a career. Sharing the article created quite an uproar among members of the Facebook Workampers Group. The variety of comments were as diversified as the types of workamping jobs available.

Quite a few members agreed or provided constructive criticism. Many others demanded that workamping is a career, with no validation. Some attempted to explain their opinion, while others just called me names. And many clearly never even read the article before propounding their presumptions. There is one thing, however, I’m sure we can all agree upon. Workamping encompasses a wide variety of jobs. Just don’t call it a career… ๐Ÿ˜‰

variety of workamping jobs
Our first workamping job, with Chief Fun Officer Jerry.

So, for this Friday Five I found five random photos from the variety of workamping jobs we’ve had. The first workamping job we ever had was at Safe Harbor Animal Rescue. That was a short term volunteer gig where we did general maintenance and helped care for the shelter dogs and cats.

variety of workamping jobs
Workamping at an organic farm in Florida

We also enjoyed workamping on an organic farm that first year on the road. During our stay at White Rabbit Acres, we discovered we weren’t going to settle down and become farmers any time soon.

variety of workamping jobs
Office Workamping Job
variety of workamping jobs
Maintenance job at Hot Springs Resort

Variety of Workamping Jobs Continue…

In Truth or Consequences, New Mexico we enjoyed a variety of workamping jobs at Riverbend Hot Springs. Rene worked in the office. I did all sorts of maintenance. And we both did laundry, lots of laundry.

variety of ranch work
Big Laundry Day
variety of ranch work
Just another day on the ranch.
variety of ranch work

Our favorite workamping job of all time is still the time we’ve spent at Vickers Ranch. That was the first job we found in Workamper News. And, I think we’ve returned ten out of the last fifteen summers. The variety of workamping jobs we had there alone is far and wide indeed…housekeeping, laundry, hay harvest, building things, destroying things, livestock management, and much more. Proof that there is no such thing as typical ranch duties.

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And that’s already more than five photos for this Friday Five. It only provides a hint at the variety of workamping jobs we’ve had. I didn’t even show Rene workamping at Amazon. That’s okay, considering there is no more workamping at Amazon. In addition, we’ve never even had the typical campground or host jobs. Furthermore, this doesn’t even start to describe the many more types of workamping jobs, side hustle gigs, and various passive income streams we explain in great detail with our comprehensive workamping guide, Income Anywhere!

property caretaking
Workamping with minimal responsibility is best!

Workamping has allowed us to live the quiet life as property caretakers during one snowbird stay in Southern Arizona. We had a free spot and very limited responsibilities. Those are the best workamping jobs for us. They provide the time for us to pursue our own career goals.

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What variety of workamping jobs have you had?

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