Ranch Workamping Job Highlight: Well House Construction

Every summer we have enjoyed workamping at Vickers Ranch, there has always been at least one long term project which consumed many of my days – in between the random ranch workamping tasks which changed from day to day.

Old Well House

This year, that project was building an addition onto an old well house to accommodate installation of a new pressure tank.

The first step was to shore up the existing building, and extend a new foundation around the new addition.

Well House Foundation

Then we needed to do some demolition work.

Old Well House

After I relocated and rewired various electrical components, I removed one wall from the existing building.

Well House Remodel

This is my favorite way to workout and release aggression.

Well House Demolition

Before installing the new floor, We ran a new main electrical line to the well house.

Well House Adiition

We built a platform for the new pressure tank, and once we started framing in the new room, the project really started to take shape. 

Well Pressure Tank

We used no new lumber for the framing, only purchasing the treated beams for the foundation and a few sheets of plywood for the new floor and walls.

Recycled Lumber Wall

We sealed up the old door, and made sure to frame in a new one big enough to get the old tank out.

New Well House

While Paul worked on plumbing the new tank, I cut up a bunch of one-inch lumber Larry had milled up on the upper ranch.

Cutting Lumber

I made a bunch of battens we would use for the siding and fascia boards. A whole bunch…

Fascia Boards

I enjoy these projects because I get to work with my brother from another mother, I get to learn about construction and water management, I get to apply critical thinking skills to address challenges, and I get to play with power tools.

Recycle, Reuse, Renew.

Recycled Lumber

I also get the pleasure of making things work with what you have access to on the ranch. And on the ranch, we have plenty of access to raw materials. With old barn wood, decking material, milled lumber and leftover roofing – and all the right tools – we had nearly everything we needed to complete the project.

Well House Addition

After skirting the old building with old metal roofing – with help from The Nibbler, another of those right tools for the right jobs – I hated leaving the project undone. But one month was a long enough stay this year, as we have places to be and plenty of our own business to catch up on!

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