Why I Love Ranch Workamping

There is something deeply gratifying about doing real ranch work when workamping on a ranch.

Vickers Ranch Workamping Mending Fences

It sure beats fixing toilets! Though as a workamper at a working guest ranch, you will likely find that both need to be done on a regular basis!

Don’t get me wrong, re-seating a toilet after replacing the wax ring has it’s own physical and mental challenges. But it’s nothing like the workout when pounding fence posts in the Rocky Mountains, and it certainly doesn’t beat the view, or smell.

Vickers Ranch Workamping Mending Fences

Soon, I’ll be working the hay fields again here at Vickers Ranch. But when cattle were recently seen wandering around the upper ranch, I had the opportunity to be a real ranch hand again. It was a nice break from washing Jeeps, stacking wood and plumbing repairs.

Vickers Ranch Workamping Mending Fences

This gave me a chance to cruise the entire fence line around a few pastures, trying to find the bovine escape route.

…why don’t you come to your senses?
You’ve been out riding fences for so long now.
— The Eagles, “Desperado”

That was the easy part.

Vickers Ranch Workamping Mending Fences


The fun ended when I discovered the low spot in the fence, with cow pies on the other side, and the workout began.

Oh you ain’t getting no younger
Your pain and your hunger…

I take that back. Like I said, I do find a certain pleasure in hard work in the great outdoors. Next time you see me workin’ up a sweat, just call me Manuel Labor.

Vickers Ranch Workamping Mending Fences

I’ll take pounding posts and pulling wire over plunging someone else’s crap any day.

Why don’t you come to your senses?
Come down from your fences, open the gate.

Until later that evening when it hurt to even reach for the ibuprofen.

I had a rough night, and I hate the fucking Eagles, man.
— The Dude, “The Big Lewbowski”


When I said you can’t beat the view, I meant it!

View of Vickers Ranch from Old Blue on Station 11

After mending the fence I took a detour back down to the ranch by heading up Station Eleven—where I could see for days, or at least until the cows came home.

And that they did, a few days later, with a little persuasion.

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We did!

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