Is Workamper News Worth It?

Members of the We Love Workamping Facebook group Jim manages often ask if Workamper News is worth the cost of membership. As long-time fans and affiliates, of course we are biased. Yes, paying for the best workamping jobs resource available is worth it. My recent experience looking for a summer gig proves once again, it’s worth the membership dues. Here’s what happened.

Reason 1001 Why Workamper News is Worth the Money

The attack on Ukraine has everyone feeling the effects of high gas and diesel prices right now. I often drive three hours one way to see my family in Los Angeles. Last time I topped off, not even my Escapees Discount RV Fuel Network Card could give me a decent discount. I topped off with the cheapest diesel in Southern California: nearly $5.59 a gallon at Morongo Casino. I’m sure by now the price of diesel is even higher.

Cheapest diesel at Morongo Casino

With fuel prices in mind, we are considering putting off our Trans Canada Highway adventure. I can’t believe I just admitted that. But it doesn’t feel smart to spend so much extra money on fuel right now. Compared to what Ukrainians are going through, it’s a first world problem. But unless that asshole Pootie Poot retreats and summer fuel prices get back to normal, we are staying in the U.S. to meander around the West Coast. Only problem is the cost of living out here ain’t cheap.

For the first time in a while, we are looking for a low-commitment workamping job to offset West Coast RV parks rent. We could go back to Vickers, but the point is not to have to drive that far. Back to our Workamper News dashboard I went.

I updated our Workamper News Awesome Applicant Resume today.

Workamper Resume builder
Workamper News Resume Builder

Being able to clearly document your workamping experience and brag about yourself is one of the best benefits for Workamper News members.

  • All I had to do was revamp some wording about our experience! Oh, and I ticked the box that says we are looking for Summer 2022 workamping gigs in California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Then I stopped hiding our resume from employers.
  • When you update your resume, it rises to the top of the applicant pool.
  • Then employers get notified there’s new candidates to review.
  • And within minutes, I got emails saying employers were looking at our resume.

Our phone started ringing with employers looking for help. They sounded eager to hire, and one even offered a fuel stipend to get to their resort. At the same time, the Workamper News Hotline postings came to my inbox and delivered some open workamper job listings.

At lunch, I called some employers back. A couple of jobs sounded really good. And the employers are so willing to work around our constraints (mainly that we can only work a max of 20 hours weekly between us). From a beautiful sounding lodge in Voyageurs National Park, to a city park in Oregon, it’s clear that good help is still hard to find these days.

We paid less than $70 to join Workamper News. And we got many job options in return.

Workamping job hotline listings come in all day long.

Now we have some workamping options on the table to consider. Find me a free workamping jobs Facebook group or other website that can do all that in less than eight hours. Nobody has the reputation that Workamper News has. People who are willing to pay for this service, whether a workamper or an employer, get it.

And if I have a choice between working for an employer who understands the value of Workamper News, versus one too cheap to pay for job listings, well, it’s no choice at all. The Workamper News employer always wins out.

how to find workamping jobs
Jim explains how not to find workamping jobs.
(From Income Anywhere!)

Workamping job resources don’t get any better than this if you ask me.

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3 thoughts on “Is Workamper News Worth It?”

  1. We are going home early this year and did not do the big circle up to Montana. Gas prices are so crazy! I’m sure you will find a great fit and have a great summer. It’s all about attitude and being flexible. Have a great summer no matter where you end up!

  2. I totally get postponing your big trip, I have not admitted to myself that I’m postponing the Alaska trip, but a little voice in my head keeps suggesting I won’t be going this year. On the other hand I’m going to try to at least do some traveling with the rationale that postponing the Alaska trip saves me 11,000 miles or more in fuel costs, not only US fuel costs but higher Canadian fuel costs, so if I take a 3,000 mile trip in the US, I’m actually saving money. I can rationalize anything. LOL

    Good luck job hunting

  3. I am not surprised , however, I am saddened to read your postponing your cross Canada trip.
    I had already started thinking of things I could do for you while you were in my neck of the woods.
    If you think fuel prices are high in the US, think +25% in Canada and we are a big country.
    Trust you guys are staying well and hope to see you down the trail some day.


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