Our Trans-Canada RV Trip Countdown Begins!

Great news for our neighbors to the north and south: the borders are opening back up this month! This has me full of hope that our great 2022 Trans-Canada RV trip is really going to happen.

Look Out Canada, We’re Coming Back!

Ever since our 2018 Alaska adventure, we’ve been itching to get back up north. There is so much beauty up there! We had just started to explore it when we had to turn south on the Cassiar Highway.

But we are not traveling the Alaska Highway again. No thanks. We won’t beat up this rig like last time. Nope, we are waiting until we have a cool new 4×4 overland rig, probably a van. And that purchase won’t happen for at least a few more years. We are betting that’s when all the trendy van life nomads will put their rigs up for sale after growing weary of pooping in buckets.

Instead of heading north, we will head west to east on the paved and highly navigable Trans-Canada Highway.

Let the Great Trans Canada Road Trip Begin!

Experts say that once you announce a major goal or plans to your friends and family, it’s the first step to making it happen. Well, here it is, road life family and friends. As the chief navigator of our pack, I’m announcing our 2022 summer road trip plans.

We are going to Canada next year, starting in Victoria, British Columbia. And we aren’t leaving the Great White North until we make it to the Trans-Canada Highway terminus at St. Johns, approximately 7,476 km (4,645 mi) across the continent.

Canada Map Pack Bundle

There’s something so alluring about driving one of the longest continuous routes on the globe. I just can’t stop thinking about it. A few days ago I finally received my National Geographic Canada map pack bundle. Anyone got a spare magnifying glass I can borrow? There’s so much I want to see!

Got any Trans Canada Highway RV Tips?

When it comes to Canada, we have never been anywhere east of Banff National Park, or west of Toronto, so long ago!. Today, I’m turning to you dear readers, for some Trans-Canada Highway trip planning tips. Got any? We are wide open to any suggestions.

Great Canadian Bucket List
Looks like we need to get this book!

Just don’t say “It’s really boring in the middle of Canada.” I know lots of people think that about the prairie lands. But we believe that if you look hard enough, you can find fun and interesting things to do no matter where your point your rig. The Roadside America app is a perfect example.

As I dig into the planning process I’ll keep you updated with our ideas of Canadian landmarks, parks, towns, and cities that we plan on exploring. Until then, shout out your recommendations so we can add them to our itinerary!




10 thoughts on “Our Trans-Canada RV Trip Countdown Begins!”

  1. Such an exciting trip! Great recommendations listed here that I would second for Nova Scotia. We adored the Cabot Trail (so much good seafood!!!), the fortress, and Halifax is a super cool city with all the city stuff you’d enjoy. There’s an incredible Black Cultural Centre in Halifax that was beautiful and a revelation, and they suggested we also visit the Africville Museum and it was a part of a life-changing two days for us. There are similar pieces of history in the US, but they really don’t get any attention. So worth a visit.

    We now live in Charlottetown, PEI and it’s a phenomenal city that you will love, with tons of free live music daily during the tourist season, amazing food, beaches everywhere you go and many of them free, plus of course all the Anne of Green Gables stuff is within a 45 minute drive or so since L.M. Montgomery lived in the island. There are also tons of free historic sites and a walking/biking trail spanning the entire island. And if you want to see a musical, there are two Anne of Green Gables musicals downtown in the summer along the lines of a Broadway or off-Broadway production, respectively. (Anne and Gilbert is the off-Broadway one.) Great beer, liquor, tea, cider etc. is made on the island, and there are farmers markets in multiple locations several times a week in season (and an indoor one year-round on Saturdays). We’d love to meet up if you get here! Oh, and don’t forget to try COWS ice cream on PEI, in Halifax, or elsewhere in Canada. It’s an institution and pretty great. Gooey Mooey is our favorite.

    • Jamie it’s so good to hear from you! Did you and Ross start a new blog? Sounds like you guys are having a blast, I’m so jealous!

      Thank you for those terrific tips. We are so excited about seeing your part of Canada and we cannot WAIT to get there, meet you, and enjoy all of the wonderful things you’ve mentioned. I’m putting ’em on our list!

  2. Hi guys,

    Petra and Paul here from the Great (soon to be) White North 🇨🇦 Of course when Paul saw that you needed some highlights of what to add to your itinerary while on the Trans Canada Adventure of a lifetime, he started naming off just a few spots. Starting West to Eastern Canada…

    British Columbia
    *Parksville on Vancouver Island. “Goats on The Roof” – a fantastic market and artist’s street. It’s also a beautiful drive along the coast of Vancouver island.
    *Cathedral Grove – Vancouver Island (Towards Parksville) One of the few surviving forests of the giant trees.
    *Victoria, B.C. – Whale watching Tours
    *Field, B.C. – Takaka Falls – 2nd highest water falls in the Rocky Mountains. So beautiful!
    *Columbia Ice Fields, B.C. – the Tri-Continental Divide. (North of Lake Louise)

    *Banff & Lake Louise – Beautiful (expensive!) towns nestled in the Rocky Mountains. The Banff Springs Hotel is a historical site and Lake Louise is just stunning!
    *Calgary, AB – National Music Centre
    *Calgary Stampede – Calgary turns into Rodeo City for 10 days! 2nd week in July.
    *Drumheller, AB – The Dinosaur Museum (it’s a little off the Trans Can beaten path, but dudes it’s a dinosaur Park!)

    *Beautiful sunsets! Unless you drive to northern Saskatchewan, you will see your horizon furever!!!

    *Bugs! Big Bugs!!! And oh soooooo cold in the winter months!!!

    *Niagra Falls (from the Canadian point of view 😉

    Quebec City is a world unto itself! Superb food and wine!!

    Nova Scotia
    *Pictou, N.S. – “Gathering of the Clans” Sometime around July a bunch of Scotsman gather to show their strength in their ‘Clansmanship!’
    *Peggy’s Cove, N.S. – world famous for it’s lighthouse and artists’ community.
    *Cape Breton, N.S. – Coal Mining Tour. You actually go UNDERNEATH the ocean!
    *Bay of Fundy Park, N.S. – Fundy Trail is a beautiful hiking trail along the cliffs of Nova Scotia. You will also find the famous “Flower Pots” in the Bay of Fundy. Massive rock formations formed with the bashing of the tides!
    The Bay of Fundy has the highest Tides in the world, up to 40ft, twice a day!
    *Oak Island, N.S. – the famous true life Treasure Island!’ (as seen on t.v. 😉
    *Cape Breton, N.S. – The Fortress Louisberg
    *The Cabot Trail is the coastal road around Cape Breton. A stunning drive and an area where some of the auld folk still speak Gaelic!
    You will also find “The Giant McCaskill” statue in Cape Breton. Back in the 1800’s a giant of a man, sometimes performed in the circus, but was also known for lifting heavy anchors for the local sailors.
    *Halifax, N.S. – Maritime Museum.
    The Harbour’s history includes the largest maritime explosion in WWI, when two ships collided. The harbour (used to be) open to the public on Sundays. This used to also include the viewing of the Naval ships and sometimes the Tall Ships, if they are in port.
    *Anneapolis Valley, N.S. – Port Royal, a Fort where the 1st Europeans landed in the 1400’s.

    New Brunswick
    *Shediac, N.B. – “Lobster Capital of the World”. It boasts the World’s Largest Lobster 🦞! The swimming is spectacular in Shediac Bay! The warmest water ever!
    *Moncton, N.B. – The worlds largest Tidal Bore!
    *Portabello Island. – Theodore Roosevelt had a famous residence on this Island, just off the coast of N.B.
    *The bridge over the ocean connecting New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island was built in the late 80’s. It used to be a 1hr & 45min ferry trip. (Paul said it could be super exciting in the winter months!)

    Prince Edward Island
    P.E.I. Is where the t.v. show, Anne of Green Gables, originated and was filmed from. It is also famous for it’s red soil. (which is apparently great for growing potatoes!)

    A truly remote part of Canada. At the right time of year you can watch as the giant icebergs float by.
    A whale watching tour would complete meeting of the whales on both sides of our Country 😉

    The Allen Furmily look forward to seeing you when you make you side trip down to the West Kootenays!!
    Hugs and love
    Petra, Paul, Super Duper Truper Stu, Chester Chief in Charge and Always Talking Ted xxxxx

    • Petra & Paul, WOW! Thank you for these super cool insider tips. I’ve heard of some of the places you mentioned, but had no idea about things like swimming in New Brunswick? Whaaaa? Or Treasure Island? Awesome! These are going on the itinerary, and I’m so glad we get to kick off the trip on the west coast so you can share even more info. Can’t wait to see you again!

  3. That is so exciting! We have not done this trip yet either but it is on our bucket list. I look forward to seeing your adventures. We are going south for the winter and are soooo looking forward to it!

  4. We love Vancouver Island. Take some time to explore more of the island and not just Victoria – even though Victoria is great. Lots of great places in BC. The northern part of Lake Superior has some great places to visit. Including the amethyst mines north of Thunder Bay. I highly recommend https://www.amethystmine.com No digging involved. They dig and spread for you to pick through. I can’t wait to go back there again some day. Sleeping Giant Park and the little town of Silver Islet is a favorite. Lots of good hiking. Pukaskwa NP was another favorite. You’re going to have a great time on this trip! I look forward to reading your posts.

  5. Very cool !
    I’ll look forward to all the posts.
    We live in Bayfield, Ontario, Canada. Less than a mile from one of the great lakes. Huron.
    Love love everything about this area.


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