What Winter Storms in an RV Have We Survived? And How!

What about winter storms in an RV? That’s what our friend and long-time Live Work Dream reader asked when I solicited suggestions for this week’s Friday Five

How about the biggest winter storms you’ve encountered?

basin and range
Basin and Range Boondocking – November, 2015

It may not seem like it from this first photo, but boondocking in Basin and Range was the coldest, windiest night I’ll never forget. Subzero temps and 60+ MPH winds had us in bed early and bundled up all night with the slide in and the rig rockin’ – from the wind. 😉

vail pass
Vail Pass – October, 2009

The scariest white-knuckle drive we ever made was the evening we went over Vail pass, racing a winter storm that caught up to us as we reached the Summit. It was dark by the time we descended, and visibility was so bad I nearly missed the guy driving in the breakdown lane ahead of us.

frozen fly fishing
Hecla Junction, CO – May 2008

While technically not a winter storm in an RV, I’ll never forget how cold it was when fly fishing on the Arkansas River. I knew it was time to quit when I noticed my rod freezing over. Winter stays late in those parts. We spent the night in the first parking lot I could find at the bottom of the mountain.

winter storms in an rv
Fernley, NV – December, 2009

Another one of our coldest winter storms in an RV, was while Rene did time at Amazon in Fernley, Nevada. This was shortly after we got Wyatt Ray. I’ll never forget those many freezing cold nights he got us up to go out, multiple times!

winter storms in an rv
Rim Lake Near Rawlins, WY – May, 2019

Speaking of cold nights, another one of our biggest winter storms in an RV was while boondocking by Rim Lake in Wyoming. Technically, I suppose this may have been the worst spring storm.

Head South!
Time to Head South! – March, 2016

My best advice for surviving – and enjoying – the worst winter storms in an RV?

Head South!

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  1. We’ve already been through 2 snow storms since we’ve been stationary…I definitely miss being able to chase good weather. Or at least moderate weather. I can’t believe the icicles on your water hose from Nevada!


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