First Five Random Photos

We’re still playing some serious catch-up here. So, here’s another quick first five random photos for this week’s Fun Fotos Friday. Pulling up my secret random pics generator from our 13+ years of full-time RVing photo galleries, here are the first five I found…

RIP Wyatt Ray
RIP Wyatt Ray

Paaaawww…I miss that dawg. He always did have us turned around, in many ways.

FOY Labyrinth
Fountain of Youth Labyrinth

Not far from Wyatt’s memorial marker, you can find this walking labyrinth where we often gathered to meditate. Coincidence? There is no such thing.

East LA Fog
Running above the clouds in East LA.

Quite a bit further away from FOY, this shot was from one of my more steep training runs in the big city.

Covid Ultra
Rene’s COVID Ultra Completion Medal

Speaking of training runs! Check out the medals Rene made for our Camp COVID Ultra Marathon I’m telling you, there are no coincidences. And these five random photos are the first in this week’s selection.

Westfir Oregon Forest Wildflowers

And…the last of this week’s first five photos just happens to be from another run near – you guessed it – our Westfir Camp COVID homebase. #nocoincidences

Stay tuned for more random photos next Friday. Or, suggest a topic below and I’ll see what we can find!

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