A Quirky Route 66 Junkyard Brewery Fun Find

Small towns like Grants, New Mexico are hanging on by a thread these days. The Route 66 Junkyard Brewery is proof that when you have the right hook, things come alive again.

Our Route 66 Junkyard Brewery Overnighter

Life’s been crazy lately with the big Colorado move. But along the way we took advantage of our Harvest Hosts membership. The Route 66 Junkyard Brewery is more proof that it’s worth the money. This RV club is a terrific investment in free overnight RV camping. (Check out all our Harvest Host stops we’ve enjoyed.)

Route 66 Junkyard Brewery Grants New Mexico
Yet another reason to get your Harvest Host membership!

When Interstate 40 gutted Route 66 towns in the west, a few managed to hang on. Grants, New Mexico is one of them. Between the uranium mines of the past and beautiful outdoorsy destinations like El Morro National Monument (one of our favorite finds), this little community of less than 10,000 people has always been worth a stop. 

Route 66 sign Grants New Mexico
Doing the cheesy tourist thing under the giant Route 66 sign.

But now, it’s really worth a stop thanks to a military veteran’s thriving enterprise. The Route 66 Junkyard Brewery.

Route 66 Junkyard Brewery Harvest Hosts
A brewery inside a junkyard is one of the coolest places we’ve been.

What a fun excursion to check out what is probably the world’s only brewery inside an active junkyard! It was the first time we have gone out for fun anywhere since Covid hit. 

free overnight RV parking Harvest Hosts
We will do anything for free RV parking!

Yep, we will do anything to enjoy some free RV parking. Especially when good drinks and great people are included.

free overnight RV parking Harvest Hosts
It’s an art show, a brewery, and a working junkyard. Life doesn’t get any better on the road!

Located on the far east side of Grants, the brewery has ample room for at least 4 or 5 RVs. Just pull in and find a place to park. Then go inside and meet proprietor Henry. He’s the big friendly guy behind the bar. You can’t miss him. Ask him anything, he’s happy to converse. Or heck if you need any parts from the junkyard, he will sell you some of those too.

Route 66 Junkyard Brewery best small towns
You meet the coolest people in America’s small towns.

The Best Beer in New Mexico is in Grants.

Henry bought the junkyard as is. Later, he added the brewery. It was a good move. Jim says the Junkyard Lager was great, but Henry is known for his Rack and Piñón – which is spectacular. “There’s magic in that glass,” he told Henry. In true New Mexico form it’s a Piñón flavored lager with hints of caramel and chocolate. When asked how he made such an amazing beer, Henry told us “I’m not beyond cheating to get what I want.”

Grants New Mexico brewery
Watermelon cider (left), Junkyard Ale beer (right)

Now that I’m gluten free I didn’t taste the beer, but did get to enjoy a locally made watermelon cider that was pretty tasty.

The used car parts furniture inside was all made by Henry’s brother. You’ve never seen anything like this!

recycled car parts furniture
Tailgate car furniture? You bet!

Every day, truck tailgates are getting stolen all around Los Angeles. Watch out. They’re a hot commodity. Now I think I know why.

Car parts furniture Route 66 Junkyard Brewery Grants, New Mexico
Here’s what happens to stolen truck tailgates.

Outside, the Route 66 Junkyard Brewery shows drive-in movies when the weather is decent. At $25 bucks a car-load, it’s the best deal in Grants, New Mexico entertainment. In fact, it’s probably the only entertainment. And definitely worth the price of admission.

Grants, New Mexico entertainment
Grants, New Mexico’s finest entertainment

Farewell to Grants, New Mexico – for now.

Harvest Hosts free overnight RV parking etiquette means you only stay one night, unless the owner says otherwise. I’m pretty sure Henry would have allowed us to stay longer. But it was time to head north to Colorado, and we left the next day. I know one day, we’ll be back.

Grants, New Mexico RV parking
Places like Junkyard Brewery are why we will always roam.

These kinds of road trip finds like the Route 66 Junkyard Brewery are the reason why we love RVing. We might be homeowners now, but we’ll never stop seeking out America’s best free overnight camping, good eats, and fun pit-stops wherever we roam.

Check out Harvest Hosts to find more fun overnight stops. Or find Harvest Host locations near you!

6 thoughts on “A Quirky Route 66 Junkyard Brewery Fun Find”

  1. Missed a few posts and just caught up. Congrats on the Ft. Collins move. We felt the same way about that area when we were there, so much so, that we started looking at prices there. It sure is expensive but you got a great deal! We ended up buying a place, too, totally unexpected but felt just like you did. We landed near family in WA and plan to be winter snowbirds.

    Biggest challenge to settling down is getting furniture. Takes forever! Never would have thought it would be so hard to get a decent couch.

    Best of luck.

    • Laura, thanks for stopping by! Congrats to you as well. Where in WA? We looked there as a Colorado alternative, it’s so pretty in that state. Hope you enjoy the new digs. And yes I agree the furniture part is a bear! I managed to find a really nice couch on Craig’s List for $150! I’ll share a photo soon. Don’t give up, the bargains are out there. Happy nesting!

  2. WOW! Nancy & I worked a campground site map job in Grants at the KOA for probably 8 years. Nancy got to know lots of business owners there over those eight years, The last time we were there was 2017. The brewery must relatively new. We not only enjoyed the town, but the hiking and wild caving in the area is pretty nice as well. Lots of our friends in the business never understood why we worked small towns like Grants, but you guys get it. Next time I pass thru, I’ll have to grab a beer.

    • Yeah ain’t that a riot, Larry? YES we totally get it! The brewery is new but the junkyard isn’t, he’s owned it about 10 years. I love that he came up with the hook to bring people in. And YES that area is so neat. We want to spend more time there, just not when it’s so darn cold. There’s so much to see and do if know where to look.


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