How Do We Make Money on the Road?

After 13+ years of full-time RVing and blogging about it, the most common question we hear from new RVers is still, “How do you make money on the road?” My answer is usually the same: We learned early on the the best way to support our nomadic lifestyle was to develop multiple revenue streams. And more than a dozen years later, that is still how we make money on the road.

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Making Money on the Road for 13+ Years

I will say one thing. I’m glad we hit the road when we did. And I’m super glad we figured out how to make money on the road way back when we did. That’s when we published our first e-book, Income Anywhere! Now, search for how to earn an income on the road, and you will find hundreds of full-time RVers, bloggers, vloggers, podcast hosts and virtual summits all telling you how to make money on the road. And they all do it very well.

Educating RVers and Dreamers on how to make a living on the road has become an industry in itself. And quite a competitive one at that. Had we entered that race when we first hit the road, we may never have honed our skills, found our purpose, and turned our passion for Tripawds about into a full-time labor of love. So, what about those multiple revenue streams?

Number 1 Tip to Earn an Income on the Road

First, the best way to make money, is to spend less money. The first thing we did when planning how to make money on the road was to get out of debt. We highly recommend following the teachings of Dave Ramsey. We did. And thanks to Rene, that’s how we stay on budget and our of debt. She’s written plenty out budgeting for RV life here over the years. But we stopped sharing our monthly RVing budgets long ago, after receiving negative comments about how much we spent. Those trolls didn’t understand that our budget includes our home based business expenses.

That’s another common question I see everywhere about RVing: How much does it cost? My answer: Ask ten RVers and you’ll get ten different answers. While I may have champagne tastes on a beer budget, others living the rock star bus lifestyle may think our life is paltry. Bottom line: Get out of debt, stay on budget, earn an income.

Did I just digress again?

Multiple Revenue Streams for Nomadic Living

So, just how do we make money on the road. Going on 14 years as full-time RVers, we are by no means retired. And we have focused on those multiple revenue streams that have proven to work best for us. And believe me, we’ve tried many.

Workamping – We’ve enjoyed many years of seasonal workamping jobs. As we’ve grown our online endeavors, we’ve become much more selective with our workamping jobs. I still hope to get back to Vickers Ranch – when it is once again safe to do so. But we still firmly believe workamping is not a career choice. Nor is it the best recommended way to make money on the road. It is, however, an excellent way to save money on rent, explore new areas, meet fun people, and learn new skills. The best tool we have found for finding paying workamping jobs is Workamper News.

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Blogging – Contrary to the rising belief that blogs are dead, blogging for fun and profit is a still a viable option for making money on the road. If you just read that sentence, I rest my case. And there are many ways to monetize a blog. But the first goal should be developing consistent quality content. We both blog here, and at Tripawds. And, rene blogs for various online publications.

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Writing – Rene also writes for a few print magazines. Yes, they still print magazines. Find your niche. She found hers by focusing on her passion, for animals, RVing, and amputation.

Self Publishing – We have written and produced the Tripawds e-books, and Income Anywhere! Together, we published Be More Dog: Learning to Live in the Now. More than a memoir of our Travels with Jerry, Be More Dog documents our journey toward finding our purpose, with a full chapter about how we turned our passion into a way to make money on the road.

Find Your Niche – When I presented at the Blog Paws conference long ago, I told the audience at my session there is a niche for everyone. And an old boss told me, there is always room for number two. Any more than that, and the niche is crowded – kind like the How To Make Money On The Road niche so many RVers are now trying to carve themselves out a spot in.

Get Creative – Once I converted our bunkhouse RV into a workshop, Rene was able to get serious about her metalsmithing and pet-centric jewelry design. Her creative outlet also helps us make money on the road.

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Use Your Skills – In my previous lives, I became an expert graphic designer and WordPress guru. I still apply those skills by building websites and online stores. I’ve also become proficient in email marketing so I help clients with Mailchimp and developing sales funnels. Of course these talents come in handy when promoting our own product and services. Never stop learning! My skillset and portfolio has now become as diverse as my client base – which includes a Rabbi, a Rancher, a Pie Chef, and Boudoir Photographer, to name a few. 

How do you make money on the road?

Rene and I are currently working on a long overdue overhaul to our first nomadic lifestyle e-book. We’re updating the book and have compiled many more current methods for earning a remote income. If you have a unique way you’re making money on the road, leave a comment and link. Maybe we’ll feature your remote business in our upcoming new and improved third edition of Income Anywhere!

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  1. Jim you are soo right! We also jumped into the RV life debt free and that cannot be emphasized enough! We also completely agree with diverse income streams. We workamp sometimes to save money on rent, during tax season I work remotely for a MA based company and have several other online ventures in the gig realm. Hubby is also a chef from previous corporate world so that is always a helpful skill to make some side money. The budget is maintained monthly and a close eye is kept on it. Great advice!!!


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