Rock and Rolls on the Road Full-time

That rock pile video I put in my recent post about the physical demands of workamping got me thinking about rocks for this week’s Fun Fotos Friday. So I first checked out our secret totally random collection of full-time RVing photos from the past 13+ years on the road.


With “rock” in mind, this is the first photo that caught my eye.

Cohab Canyon

These rocks at Cohab Canyon have very special meaning to me, and I’m sure Rene too.

total eclipse

Our nearest celestial body is a rather big rock we had a personal encounter with during that bitterswee total eclipse of the moon we witnessed in Wyaoming.


Then I spied this creepy rock carving masterpiece we saw at Mt. Olivet cemetery – found in our taphophile photos gallery. Yeah, that’s a thing.

waylon tower

And as country as you may consider him, Waylon was a pretty rockin’ outlaw! This one brings back fond memories of our our Texas panhandle pit stop to honor Waylon Jennings.

D’oh! Looks like I missed last Friday’s Fun Foto collection. :-\ Did you miss it? Well, this is apparently where I left off when we got wrapped up on a market research cal for some unknown entity – asking us all about catering to our RV lifestyle. Where was I? Oh yeah, rock. Hmmm…roll, mmmmm….rolls

beyond burger

Woah. There are no coincidences. Seriously, I loaded my totally random photos page, and this came up! No searching, just thinking of rolls. Impossible, you say? Well, actually, that’s a Beyond Burger at A&W which we found in BC on our long strange trip to Alaska.

mountain biking

Does rollin’ along up Silverton Mountain count?

river rock

Rollin’ on the river? Lake Fork of the Gunnison, that is…my favorite stretch through Vickers Ranch. At least that brings us back to rock again. River rock, at that!

holy rollers

Thought I’d leave you with some quick search results for roll, and found a few shots of Holy Rollers.

mobile chapel

And a lobster roll, mmmm….lobster rolls.

lobster roll


ahi spring roll

Better yet! Ah, that Ahi Spring Roll at Fish in Fort Collins – the only seafood restaurant I will ever enjoy more than a few hours from the coast. (Vegas doesn’t count) That is, if we ever enjoy restaurants again…

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    • Thanks for sharing that article Bill. Wow what timing they had! Closed just before the pandemic hit. Crazy. Well, I’m super happy the Fish owners saw the light about the lack of true sustainability in the fishing industry and are going another direction. Although there’s not traditionally much in the way of French vegan fare (I’ve stopped eating fish since our visit to that restaurant) hopefully they can come up with a dish that I can enjoy, I’d love to check it out. Thanks again.


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